SAA PEC Biographies

Allen Dart, RPA

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, PO Box 40577, Tucson AZ  85717-0577 Telephone: (520) 798-1201 Fax: (520) 798-1966 Email:

Description of past and current involvement in public education and outreach:

 I am the executive director of Tucson's Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, a not-for-profit corporation that provides outreach presentations for children and adults, opportunities for volunteers to participate in archaeological research, and exhibits and facilities for interpreting archaeology and history. Old Pueblo works closely with the public, schools, Native American groups, and other archaeological and historical organizations.

I have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in anthropology and am a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA).  I began working in archaeology in 1975 with the Museum of New Mexico (Santa Fe), and afterward worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Albuquerque Area Office), the Arizona State Museum (University of Arizona), and the Institute for American Research/Center for Desert Archaeology/Desert Archaeology, Inc. (a Tucson association of nonprofit organizations and a for-profit consulting company) before founding Old Pueblo in 1994. At Old Pueblo I have helped develop a public archaeological field school and outreach programs, and a children's simulated archaeological dig education program that has been acknowledged as one of the best in the western U.S. The simulated dig program is only offered directly to entire school classes and other structured education groups.

I am also an adjunct faculty member with Tucson's Pima Community College for teaching noncredit classes and leading archaeology and history site tours, and am a contracted outreach speaker for the Arizona Humanities Council. My volunteer work has included developing educational and volunteer archaeology programs for the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, Arizona Archaeological Society, and the United Way, and service on the Arizona Archaeological Council's Archaeology for Educators Committee, the Archaeological Institute of America's Education Committee, and, since 1999, the Society for American Archaeology's Public Education Committee (PEC).

Interest in PEC Membership

I founded Old Pueblo Archaeology Center to provide badly needed archaeology outreach services for the public and to provide additional avenues for educators, Native Americans, and the general public to obtain information about and participate in archaeology outside of the usual academic and government institutions. I have found the PEC's many public-oriented archaeologists and educators to be some of my most valuable resources for learning about and discussing both old and new ways of making more public outreach and involvement opportunities possible. I am rarely able to attend professional meetings (including the PEC annual meeting) because of the conflict with family time so must rely on electronic networking. The PEC's members provide comments and critiques that help shape and improve public programs, especially through the PEC listserve, and I really appreciate being a part of these discussions and benefitting from other members' input.

Area of Interest

My major professional interests are working with and educating the public about archaeology, history, and cultures, convincing other professional archaeologists about the importance of reaching out to the public, and helping minority groups understand the importance of archaeology. My major research interests are in southwestern U.S. prehistory and history.

Target Audience: The general public, educators (especially K-12), minority groups (especially Native Americans), and other professional archaeologists.