Welcome to the About Us section of the Archaeology for the Public web pages.

With these web pages, the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) is reaching out to the public with news and information about a wide range of archaeological research.

Content for these Archaeology for the Public web pages was gathered by members of the SAA’s Public Education Committee (PEC) and the SAA’s Manager of Information and Education. The PEC, the SAA Manager of Information and Education, and a Network of SAA State and Provincial Archaeology Education Coordinators work on behalf of the SAA to develop, produce, and distribute informational and educational materials to the public. These web pages are one part of that effort.

Society for American Archaeology

The SAA is an international organization of more than 6,600 professional and avocational archaeologists dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas. Learn about the SAA here.

SAA Public Education Committee

The PEC’s mandate, as a committee of SAA, is to promote awareness about and concern for the study of past cultures, and to engage people in the preservation and protection of heritage resources. Look here to learn about how the Public Education Committee (PEC) was formed, read the mission statement, and find out about the work the PEC has accomplished.

Contact the SAA Manager of Information and Education

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Email: public_edu@saa.org

The Creation of These Web Pages

Archaeology For The Public: A New Edition To the SAAWeb
Why have specially designed public web pages on SAAWeb? Who is the audience for the new SAA public web pages? What are the web page content areas? How was the design plan implemented? What are the Review Procedures? (SAA Archaeological Record, Vol 3., No. 5., November 2003).