Public Education Committee Current Projects

PEC Project 1: SAA Membership Outreach and SAA Board Requests

Primary outreach to SAA membership occurs through PEC sponsorship of SAA Annual Meeting sessions, forum, and workshops; maintenance of the Archaeology for the Public web pages; and communication with the State Network Coordinators. The PEC responds to specific SAA Board requests.


PEC Project 2: General Public Outreach

This effort includes loan and use of the SAA Table Top Display; participation in the Archaeology Education Clearinghouse (AEC) collaboration with our sister organizations Archaeological Institute of America and the Society for Historical Archaeology to outreach to educational audiences a consistent archaeology message; continued maintenance of the Archaeology for the Public web pages; communication through the PEC State Network; and targeted responses to public requests or issues  (e.g. boy scouts, heritage tourism, etc.).


PEC Project 3: Research And Professional Representation Of Public Archaeology And Education

The PEC is committed to professional research and representation of public archaeology and education. Since the 2008 SAA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, the PEC has been interested in researching and developing ideas around Archaeological Literacy. The term is borrowed from science researchers and educators who in the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s developed a vision for scientific literacy. The time is ripe to develop a vision for an archaeologically literate public. This effort will build on previous SAA efforts in the Save the Past for the Future I and II conferences and proceedings.


Updated 4/6/2010