SAA PEC Biographies

Elaine Franklin

Contact Information:Center for Math/Science Education, Western Carolina University, 149 Camp BuildingCullowhee, NC 28723Wk.Ph: (828) 227-3318,


Description of past and current involvement in public outreach and education:

I am a career educator and have specialized in anthropology/archaeology for almost two decades. For much of this time I have been an employee or an associate of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado. From 1997-2005, I was the Center’s director of education. A good bit of my work has been in the area of continuing professional education for teachers including serving as director of three NEH Institutes for teachers focusing on the archaeology and American Indian history of the Mesa Verde region. I have authored books, book chapters, and journal articles on issues related to archaeology education.


Interest in PEC Membership:

What benefits do you hope to receive as a PEC member? Belonging to a collegial network of individuals with similar interests.

What can you offer as a member of the PEC? Extensive experience and background in the field of education.

Statement of commitment:


Ability to work as a member of a team in the completion of a project: Yes

Availability: Like many busy people, I make time for the things I am committed to and passionate about; for me this is archaeology education.

Support from your employer for your involvement on the PEC: I have never, not been able to fulfill my obligations to the PEC due to lack of support from my employer.

Target audience(s): general public, teachers/schools, and pre-college students

Area of interest: Special areas of interest include research in historical cognition, inquiry pedagogy, development and testing of tools/strategies for assessing archaeology education programs, and the development of benchmarks for archaeological literacy.

Updated 4/8/10