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Letters to the Editor

As our discipline learns to use communication technology via email and web sites, it would be well for those moving in that direction to remember that not every archaeologist, let alone the general public, has equal access to the hardware and software needed to participate in this information exchange. As they may not have computers, connections, or be conveniently located, public libraries cannot be presumed to enable access for those who don't have institutional, agency, business, or personal computers with connections.

While I applaud the many new sources of information, when print resources are abandoned completely in favor of electronic communications, it is a disservice to many. In the case of the Public Education Committee changing its publication strategy, transferring its newsletter exclusively to the SAA web site, there are likely to be many teachers and students who will no longer have access to that information.

I urge those who are on the Internet or World Wide Web to remember that many colleagues and most of the world's population will not be able to access such information in the near future. We must take care that we do not create a division between haves and have-nots with electronic information.

Neal L. Trubowitz
Historic Site Administrator
Department of Natural Resources
Division of State Parks, Missouri

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