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News from the Register of Professional Archaeologists

William B. Lees

Fifty-eight percent of the ballots were returned in the first election of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (ROPA). Newly elected to the Board of Directors are: Donald L. Hardesty, president-elect; Charles M. Niquette, secretary-treasurer; and Elton R. Prewitt, grievance coordinator. These officers assumed their duties on January 1, 1999. Hardesty's election fills a vacancy in the position of president-elect that has existed since the creation of the Register, and takes the voting membership of the board to its full complement of five individuals. Hardesty will become president on January 1, 2000. Niquette will succeed Rochelle Marrinan, and Prewitt will succeed David Browman. Marrinan and Browman are to be thanked for their significant contribution to the Register during its period of transition. The Board of the Register will thus be as follows starting January 1, 1999:

President: William B. Lees
President-elect: Donald L. Hardesty
Secretary-Treasurer: Charles M. Niquette
Director appointed by SAA: William D. Lipe
Director appointed by SHA: Vergil E. Noble
Registrar (ex officio): John P. Hart
Grievance Coordinator (ex officio): Elton R. Prewitt

The next Register election will be in September 1999. Elected as chair of the Nominations Committee for 1999 is Heather McKillop, and as Nominations Committee member is Claire Lyons. A third member of the committee will be appointed.

The board is working closely with Clemons and Associates, Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland, to establish a permanent business office for the Register. In fall 1998, Clemons and Associates, Inc., was awarded a contract for the operation of this office. Database conversion, development of an application processing function, and design of a Web site are the current foci of their efforts. Independently, an Oklahoma City design firm is completing work on a logo for the Register, which will soon appear on all Register materials and at promotional booths at the upcoming meetings of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), and Society for American Archaeology (SAA). The board met in late December 1998, at the AIA meetings in Washington D.C., and will meet again in March 1999 at the SAA Annual Meeting in Chicago. At these meetings, the board will begin to move beyond the transition work to discuss developing the Register into an effective mechanism for promoting and protecting the standards of professionalism in American archaeology.

Bill Lees, president of ROPA, is with the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City.

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