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The Member/Get a Member Campaign

David G. Anderson

It's that time of year again: Your SAA membership renewal form has arrived on your desk.

We all know that one of the most tangible things we can do to support archaeology is to belong to our field's professional organizations. By being a member, we are literally voting with our pocketbooks, saying that we consider archaeology and its existence as a profession important. SAA is a major voice for archaeology and membership is essential if it is to keep speaking and, better yet, is to be heard.

Thus, your membership is critical. We need your participation in our profession, moving it forward through your words and deeds. And, quite frankly, the funds provided by membership allow SAA to publish world-class journals and a newsletter, organize and convene a great Annual Meeting, and coordinate action on a wide range of fronts essential to archaeology's well-being, such as political action, public outreach, stewardship and site protection, professional ethics, employment opportunities, and, of course, good old-fashioned scholarship.

But if these activities are to continue, we must keep our members and add new names to the rolls. Like it or not, every year some of us retire, find other employment, or even pass on to that great site in the sky. It is thus not just enough to renew our own memberships, although that is critically important. We must continually find and recruit new SAA members and inspire them to stay with us. Remember, every renewal or new member is a vote of confidence for archaeology and for SAA.

For that reason, we ask that all of you make an effort to get one other friend or colleague to join SAA. That's what "Member Get a Member" is all about. Tell him or her about SAAweb (, and/or loan him or her copies of American Antiquity, Latin American Antiquity, and the SAA Bulletin.

Contact SAA headquarters if you would like some promotional material (900 Second St. NE, Suite 12, Washington DC 20002-3557, email:, or ask for membership materials at the SAA booth in the Exhibit Hall at the up-coming Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Now go out and recruit our membership for the 21st century!

David G. Anderson, chair of the SAA Membership Committee, is an archaeologist with the Southeast Archeological Center, National Park Service, in Tallahassee, Florida.
The Society for American Archaeology, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, strongly endorses the AAAS Statement on the Kansas State Board of Education Decision on the Education of Students in the Science of Evolution and Cosmology.

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