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News from the Register of Professional Archaeologists

William B. Lees

As of December 1, 1999, there are 1,074 Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPA) on the books! So far in 1999 a total of 381 applications for registration have been approved. RPAs claim the following affiliations with our sponsoring organizations: SAA, 722; SHA, 454; and AIA, 121.

On July 23, 1999, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History's (MDAH) Board of Trustees approved Guidelines for Archaeological Investigations and Reports in Mississippi. Of interest in this document is the section titled "Consultant List," which reads, in part:

Effective July 1, 2001, MDAH-SHPO will maintain a consultant list comprised solely of archaeologists and companies listed by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). Also, effective July 1, 2001 MDAH-SHPO will only accept reports (Phase I, II, and III) resulting from Section 106 or Antiquities Law projects from consultants who are RPAs.

The board was excited to learn of Mississippi's new guidelines and congratulates the state's archaeological community for providing leadership with this important development. Further information on the Mississippi guidelines can be obtained from the Archaeology Section of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, P.O. Box 571, Jackson, MS 39205-0571.

The Register won first place from the American Society of Association Executives for its Website ( The Register Website was entered, along with about 1,000 others, in ASAE's Golden Shoestring category (for associations with total budgets of less than $250,000) of their Gold Circle Awards of Excellence. ASAE's Awards of Excellence are the only national awards where associations can receive acclaim for their achievements from peersfellow association executives. The Gold Circle Awards of Excellence are considered to be one of the most prestigious in the area of association communication.

This fall the Register's board voted unanimously to extend the following resolution to Charles E. Cleland on his retirement from Michigan State University:

Be it resolved on his retirement from Michigan State University that the Board of Directors of the Register of Professional Archaeologists expresses its deep gratitude to Charles E. Cleland for his profound leadership in the cause of professionalism in archaeology as shown by his role in the founding of and dedicated service to the Society of Professional Archaeologists, by his efforts in the establishment of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and by his mentoring of generations of students who have entered their careers with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a professional.

This resolution was presented to Cleland at an October banquet held in his honor at the 45th Midwest Archaeological Conference in East Lansing, Michigan.

Finally, the end of 1999 signaled the end of term of several charter members of the Register's board: President William Lees, Registrar John Hart, and Director Vergil Noble (appointed by the SHA). As of January 1, 2000, the RPA president is Donald L. Hardesty and the SHA-appointed director is Robert Clouse. The new registrar will be announced with other winners of the Register's elections. ·

William B. Lees is president of the Register.
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SAC Feedback:
Workshop and Paper Session Topics

Every year, the SAC sponsors workshops and an invited paper session at the SAA Annual Meeting. Workshops are designed to provide information for students on various aspects of their graduate and undergraduate training. Past topics have included funding sources, publishing, organizing a field project, and job search strategies. The invited paper session is designed to provide opportunities for students to present research in an organized topical forum, rather than as individual submissions in general sessions. Session topics have included interdisciplinary approaches to archaeology; the archaeology of social categories; and emerging social complexity. We decide on our workshop and paper session topics at the Annual Meeting so we would welcome your feedback on topics that would be interesting and useful to the SAA student membership. Please send your responses to Jane Baxter at


(1) What types of issues would you like to see covered in SAC-sponsored workshops? (Topics can be recycled!)

(2) Are there individuals who would make appropriate and effective presenters for workshop topics you have suggested?

(3) What topics for paper sessions do you think would be of interest to a broad range of students in SAA? (These cannot be geographic regions or focus on a specific cultural group.)

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