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Books Received

Editor's Note: Periodically we will publish books received for review
by our two journals, American Antiquity and Latin American Antiquity.

American Antiquity

Books Received but Not Reviewed
6/1998 ­ 5/1999

Historic Houses of Philadelphia. R. W. Moss, photographs by T. Crane. 1998. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia. $34.95 (cloth).

Historical Development of the Chena River Waterfront, Fairbanks, Alaska: An Archaeological Perspective. Edited and compiled by P. M. Bowers and B. L. Gannon. 1998. Alaska Department of Transportation, Fairbanks. Available upon request.

How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself. M. Collier and B. Manley, illustrated by R. Parkinson. 1998. University of California Press, Berkeley. $18.95 (cloth).

Inside Latvian Archaeology. Edited by O. W. Jensen, H. Karlsson, and A. Vijups. 1999. Göteborg University, Sweden.

An Introduction to the Anthropology of Melanesia. P. Stilltoe. 1998. Cambridge University Press, England. $59.95 (cloth), $19.95 (paper).

Journal of Iberian Archaeology. Association for the Improvement of Cooperation in Iberian Archaeology/Associacao para o Desenvolvimento da Cooperacao em Arqueologia Peninsular (ADECAP). Edited by V. Oliveira Jorge.

The Kalahari Ethnographies (1896­1898) of Siegfried Passarge. Nineteenth-Century Khoisan and Bantu Speaking Peoples. Translations from the German. Edited by E. N. Wilmsen. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Köln, Germany. DEM 78.

L'éveilleur et L'ambassadeur: Essais Archéologiques et Ethnohistoriques en Hommage à Charles A. Martijn. Edited by R. Tremblay. Paléo-Québec 28, Recherches Amérindiennes au Québec, Musée Canadien des Civilisations, Montréal. (paper).

Lemba Archaeological Project, Vol. II.1A: Excavations at Kissonerga-Mosphilia 1979­1992. P. Peltenberg et al. 1998. Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, Vol. 70: 2. Paul Astroms Forlag, Jonsered, Sweden.

The Lower Mississippi Valley Expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore. Edited and with an introduction by D. F. Morse and P. A. Morse. 1998. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC. $39.95 (paper).

Man of Mana: Marius Barbeau, A Biography. L. Nowry. 1998. University of Washington Press, Seattle. $27.95 (paper).

Mesquakie (Fox) Material Culture: The William Jones and Frederick Starr Collections. J. W. Van Stone. 1998. Fieldiana Anthropology, New Series no. 30. Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. Paper.

Mexican Painted Manuscripts in the United Kingdom. U. Berger. 1998. Occasional Paper No. 91. British Museum, London. Paper.

Montpelier, Jamaica. A Plantation Community in Slavery and Freedom, 1739­1912. B. W. Higman. 1999. University of the West Indies Press, Kingston, Jamaica. $35 (paper).

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