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Student Affairs Committee -- Feedback Section

Electronic Communication and the SAC

This month, the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) would like to hear from you about ways to improve communication between SAA and its student members and among the members of the student community. The SAC would like to develop its Web page into a useful resource for students to learn about SAA and opportunities for students in archaeology. We also would like to see the student-l listserv become an active place for student dialogue on a variety of issues ranging from professionalism to funding to networking for the Annual Meeting. To help us develop these lines of electronic communication, we need to hear from you. Please consider the following questions and send your feedback to the SAC either through your student representative or directly to one of our members.

Feedback Questions:

(1) How often do you use the WWW as a means of gaining information related to archaeology? What types of information and resources are currently missing on the WWW that would be useful to students?

(2) What types of information do you feel the SAC should provide for students on its Web page? Would a section devoted to links to other useful sites (e.g., funding sources, field schools, graduate programs) be a useful feature of the SAC page?

(3) Do you currently subscribe to other archaeology lists online? What types of issues/topics would you want to discuss in an online student forum on archaeology? ·

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