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COSWA Corner

Mary Ann Levine and Rita Wright

In this column, we inform our readers of an increasing number of available resources related to equity issues for women in archaeology as well as archaeological interpretations of gender. We specifically feature two fast-growing and invaluable sources of information: video and web-based resources. Although the compilations that follow are not meant to be exhaustive, they are fairly comprehensive. For example, please note that for the Internet resources listed, most links from gender search sites are not included as these are easily reached through the search site itself. We thank Christine K. Kimbrough (NYU) for her assistance in assembling the list of Web-based resources. We also would like to take this opportunity to report that we have developed our very own COSWA web site and plan to unveil it very shortly!

Video Resources

The Chilly Climate (1991, 28 minutes) exposes through interviews the subtle discriminatory practices which create a climate "chilly to the point of toxicity" for women employed in Canadian colleges and universities. Interviews reveal the cumulative effects of behaviors ranging from exclusion and isolation to harassment and violence which negatively affect the workplace and attempt to prohibit women from achieving their full academic potential. This video also explores strategies for improving the climate and promoting feminist research. The video comes with a facilitator's manual, "Warming the Environment," which includes exercises to provoke discussion, solutions to difficulties facilitators may experience, and pertinent statistics. For information on how to rent or purchase this video-based educational package, call the Department of Equity Services at the University of Western Ontario at (519) 661-3334.

Secrets Underground: Archaeologist Patty Jo Watson (1995, 60 minutes) is part of a six-hour public television series, "Discovering Women," which profiled internationally recognized women in scientific fields. The series sought to encourage young women to consider a career in science by demystifying the nature of scientific work and illustrating the process of becoming a scientist. This episode provides a historical overview of Watson's life and highlights her many significant contributions to the field, including her work on gender roles and the origins of agriculture.

Siberian Ice Maiden (1998, 60 minutes) is part of the three-part PBS series, "Ice Mummies." This video documents the discovery of the mummified remains of a woman who lived some 2,400 years ago in the Pazyryk Culture of the high steppes of Siberia. Her tattooed remains, which were found in association with six decorated horses and a symbolic meal for her last journey, are utilized to discuss the role and power of women among the nomadic tribes of ancient Siberia.



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Web-Based Resources

Search Sites: (use "gender" as search term)

  • Argos: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval World

  • Voice of the Shuttle

  • The Mining Company

  • Diotima: Materials for the Study of Gender in the Ancient World

  • Ancient World Web

  • Anthropology Resources on the Internet

Link Lists:

  • Women and Education Links

  • Gender-Related Electronic Forums

  • Femina

  • Archaeologic: Gender Issues


  • Women in the Ancient Near East: A Select Bibliography of Recent Sources in the Oriental Institute Research Archives

  • Gender in the West

  • Gender Archaeology and Women in Archaeology in the Southwest

  • Women in the Ancient Near East

  • Gender Archaeology: A Bibliography by Kelly Hays-Gilpin and Susan Carroll Roberts

  • Women's Studies Database Biblio-graphies


  • American Association of University Women

  • Women's Network in Archaeology

  • International Federation of University Women

  • Women in Higher Education (monthly newsletter)

  • American Anthropological Association Women's Rights and Women in Development Bibliography

  • Academic Employment of Women in Anthropology

  • COSWA (of the AAA)

  • The Status of Women (especially anthropologists) in Universities: Some Notes and Bibliography

  • American Anthropological Association Statement on Violence Against Women Act

  • Association for Feminist Anthropology

Additional Sites:

  • 9000 Years of Anatolian Women

  • Excursis III: The Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society

  • Sinai Bedouin Women

  • Women in Nubia in Nubia

  • Bettina Arnold's Home Page

  • Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt

  • Exploring Gender through Archaeology (online book)

  • The Fifth Archaeology and Gender Conference Home Page ·

Mary Ann Levine, a member of COSWA, is assistant professor of anthropology at Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania. Rita Wright, chair of COSWA, is associate professor of anthropology at New York University.

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