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In Brief...

Tobi Brimsek

Thank You!. . . More than two-thirds of the SAA membership renewed their dues from first and second notices! These prompt renewals really help in reducing administrative costs. The less we spend on these mailings, the more dollars are left for programs to make a difference. Thank you for being so responsive to SAA.

And Thank You Again . . . The success of SAA's Annual Giving Program is growing. While you are renewing your dues, many of you are contributing to SAA's Endowment Fund, the Public Education Initiatives Fund, and the Native American Scholarship Fund. The 1999 contributions to these funds as of December 31 have already exceeded the total 1998 annual giving contributions by 3 percent. Thank you for helping to make SAA a stronger, more vital organization that can build programs that count.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs . . . There is no need to wait for the next issue of SAA Bulletin for job listings in archaeology. Whether you are currently in the market for a career in archaeology or you have an immediate position to fill in your department or organization, SAA may be able to help you find the perfect match. The most current employment listings in the field can now be found on SAA's web site located at You can get to SAA's Current Job Announcement Listing page by using the direct link on the home page or by visiting the "About Archaeology" section and then clicking on "Careers in Archaeology." The job title and location head each announcement for easy scanning as you scroll down. The announcements are listed in chronological order with the most recent listings at the top of the page. If you ever should need it, we hope that you take advantage of this valuable resource. And SAAweb grows on . . .

Connections . . . Have you been using the SAA directory online? It's more flexible than the print directory, and it's updated frequently. Check it out via!

SAA and Y2K . . . While SAA's current association management software is not Y2K compliant, we are not worried, for we have been planning for this transition for over two years. This April we will begin in earnest the conversion to upgraded software and have already converted some other programs that we run. At SAA as with any organization, the Y2K issue raises the issue of functionality. Without the conversion, we would be unable to record membership expiration dates beyond 1999. This past year, we replaced hardware which was too old to run the new programs. We also have connected with another society that has been running the Y2K version of our software as a beta test site. Our goal is to make this conversion as seamless as possible. We expect that this will be an unnoticed transition by the membership.

And More Transitions . . . Angela Guzman has joined the staff as coordinator, administrative services. You might be chatting with Angela as she is first to answer our phones. I hope that you will join me in welcoming Angela to SAA. While most people think that their first months in a new job are hardest, Angela has an added challenge. She will be finishing her last semester at American University and graduating in May with a degree in anthropology.

Tobi Brimsek is executive director of the Society for American Archaeology.

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