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COSWA Corner

Mary Ann Levine and Rita Wright

COSWA will sponsor several activities at the SAA Annual Meeting in Chicago. These include the Women as Professionals in Archaeology Roundtables, the Women's Network Reception, and a meeting of the Women and Archaeology Interest Group. Information about these activities are described below. Please check your SAA preliminary program for registration information and additional details.

Women as Professionals in Archaeology Roundtables: The COSWA Roundtables will take place at a breakfast meeting on Saturday, March 27, 7:00-8:00 a.m. Barbara Roth (Oregon State University), organizer of the roundtables this year, has planned eight tables around specific career themes. The primary objective of the roundtables is to provide a forum to bring senior women archaeologists into contact with graduate students and recent Ph.Ds. Roundtables are intended to afford women early in their careers an opportunity to discuss ideas and concerns, to gain information on specific topics, and to expand their professional networks.

The following women will lead roundtable discussions on the topics in parentheses: Kathryn Toepel of Heritage Research (Careers in Contract Archaeology); Julie Stein of the University of Washington (Academic Careers); Terry Childs of the National Park Service (Careers in Government); Margaret Nelson of Arizona State University (Organizing a Field Project); Mary Stiner of the University of Arizona (Getting Grants); Cheryl Claassen of Appalachian State University (Publishing); Phyllis Messenger of Hamline University (Public Education and Outreach); and Barbara Mills of the University of Arizona (Ceramic Analysis).

Due to the generous support of three cosponsors (Desert Archaeology, Inc.; Archaeological Consulting Services, Inc.; and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania), the cost of participating in this year's roundtables has been substantially reduced to $7. It is necessary to register for the roundtables. In 1998, 77 people participated in 11 roundtable discussions. Please tell your friends about this opportunity to meet with other archaeologists on important career topics.

Women's Network Reception: This COSWA-sponsored reception is designed to provide an opportunity to share news and information and to expand your networks. All women archaeologists are invited to attend this informal reception on Friday, March 26, 3:30-5:00 p.m. No preregistration is required and there is no charge. A Cash Bar will be available.

Women and Archaeology Interest Group: As described in the September 1998 issue of the SAA Bulletin [16(4): 13], this group functions as a network for SAA members who are interested in professional, research, and scholarly issues of concern to women archaeologists. Many of its objectives may overlap with those of COSWA, as they include fostering involvement of women in SAA activities; and improving contacts between junior and senior scholars and augmenting COSWA mentoring activities. The Interest Group is a broader forum than COSWA, because participation is voluntary and COSWA is a committee of 10-member committee appointed by the SAA Board of Directors.

Co-organizers of the Interest Group are Cathy Costin (California State University) and Mary Ann Levine (Franklin and Marshall College). Those interested in the Interest Group should attend this year's meeting to discuss a variety of activities in which the Interest Group will be involved. In the year 2000, the Interest Group will co-organize (with COSWA) a symposium to be held at the Annual Meeting. Please come to the meeting on March 25, 6:00-7:00 p.m. to help plan and organize a very exciting session.

Regional Women's Receptions: COSWA encourages women to organize network receptions at regional meetings. If you wish to organize a regional women's reception and would like additional information about them, contact Rita Wright at

Mary Ann Levine, a member of COSWA, is assistant professor of anthropology at Franklin and Marshall College. Rita Wright, chair of COSWA, is associate professor of anthropology at New York University.

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