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October 4-10, 1998
El V Congreso de las Asociación Latinoamericana de Antropología Biológica y el VI Simposio de Antropología Física "Luis Montane" will be hosted by the Sociedad Cubana de Antropología Biológica, the Museo Antropológico Montane, and the Cátedra de Antropología from the Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. For more information, contact Antonio J. Martinez Fuentes, Secretario, Asociación Latinoamericana de Antropología Biológica, Museo Antropológico Montane, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de La Habana, Calle 25 #455, entre J. e I. Vedado, Ciudad Habana 10400, Cuba, (+537) 32-9000-79-3488, fax (+537) 32-1321-33-5774, email

October 5-9, 1998
Ninth annual Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico festival will feature "The Adventure of Archaeology" as this year's theme. For additional information, contact Dario Di Blasi, Artistic Director, Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico, Rovereto Museo Civico, Largo S. Caterina 43, 38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy, (+39-464) 439-055, fax (+39-464) 439-487, email, web

October 7-11, 1998
The FERCO International Conference on Climate and Culture at 3000 B.C. will be held at the University of Maine, in Orono. For more information, contact Dan Sandweiss, Anthropology Department, S. Stevens Hall, UMaine, Orono, ME 04469-5773, (207) 581-1889, email General information is available on the web at

October 9-10, 1998
Fifth Gender and Archaeology Conference, "From the Ground Up: Beyond Gender Theory in Archaeology," will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For additional information, please contact either Bettina Arnold, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 413 Bolton Hall, Milwaukee, WI 53201, email or Nancy Wicker, email Conference abstracts also are available on the web at

October 14-17, 1998
56th Annual Meeting of the Plains Anthropological Conference will be held at the Radisson Inn, Bismarck, North Dakota. For more information, contact Fern Swenson, State Historical Society of North Dakota, 612 E. Blvd. Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505, (701) 328-3675, email

October 16-18, 1998
Primer Congreso de Arqueología de la Región Pampeana Argentina will be held in Venado Tuerto, Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina. For information, contact Fernando Oliva, email

October 16-18th, 1998
Archaeologists and First Nations: Bridges From the Past to a Better Tomorrow will be held on at the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, sponsored by the Ontario Archaeological Society. A preliminary list of papers is available at

October 21-24, 1998
The 11th Navajo Studies Conference will be held in Window Rock, Arizona. The conference will be held in the new Navajo Nation Museum, Library, and Visitor's Center, with the theme "Diné be'iina' bindii'a (The Roots of Navajo Life)." For information, contact Conference Secretary at NNHPD-Roads, P.O. Box 6028, Shiprock, NM 87420, (505) 368-1067. Information also may be obtained at

October 23-24, 1998
A symposium on Archaeology and Architecture of Tactical Sites will be sponsored by the Arizona Archaeological Council, the Arizona Archaeological Society, the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, and Northern Arizona University at the fall meeting of the Arizona Archaeological Council, at the City Council Chambers in Flagstaff. It will include a two-day symposium and workshop on tactical sites: places constructed or occupied for offensive or defensive purposes (e.g., forts, refuges, lookouts, and breastworks). The symposium seeks to broaden, refine, and coordinate conceptual and methodological approaches to tactical sites and related issues. What types of information establish the functional, cultural, and temporal associations of suspected tactical sites? What can tactical sites tell us about the changing modes and technologies of conflict? What roles did warfare, or the threat thereof, play in demographic, settlement, and sociopolitical dynamics? The symposium will feature diverse forums intended to encourage a broad participation. To participate, submit a description of your presentation or a paper title and abstract to John Welch (email and wordperfect disk submissions appreciated). Proceedings will be published. For additional information, contact John R. Welch, Symposium Facilitator, P.O. Box 584, Fort Apache, AZ 85926, (520) 338-5430, fax (520) 338-5488,

October 26-31, 1998
ICRONOS Semaine Internationale du Film Archiologique, Bordeaux Association du Festival International du Film Archiologique (AFIFA). The biennial festival of recent films on archaeology, partly organized around a theme, serves as the centerpiece for an intensive week-long, regional archaeology awareness program. The main theme for the sixth festival is Rome and its provinces. However, a special event will commemorate the Year of Egypt and the contributions of Champollion, and part of the program will be dedicated to documentaries reporting international news about the field over the past two years. For information, contact Director Philippe Dorthe or Comissaire Giniral Maryse Chatrix, 20 Quai de la Monnaie, 33000 Bordeaux, France, +(33) 556-52-22-75 or 556-94-22-20, fax +(33) 556-79-74-33 or 556-94-27-87.

November 2-8, 1998
Cuarta Jornadas de Arquelogía de la Patagonia will be held at Río Gallegos. For information, contact IV Jornadas de Arquelogía de la Patagonia, INAPL, 3 de Febrero 1370 (1426), Buenos Aires, Argentina, (+541) 783-6554, fax (+542) 783-3371, email

November 11-14, 1998
The 55th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Greenville, South Carolina. For information, contact Ken Sassaman, SRARP, P.O. Box 600, New Ellenton, SC 29809, (803) 725-1130, email

November 12-15, 1998
The 31st Annual Chacmool Conference will be held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with the theme, "On Being First: Cultural Innovation and Environmental Consequences of First Peoplings." For further information, contact 1998 Conference Committee, Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary, Calgary AB T1N 2N4, Canada, fax 2820-9567, email

November 12-15, 1998
The American Society for Ethnohistory will hold its Annual Meeting at the Radisson Metrodome/University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. For information, contact Jean O'Brien-Kehoe, Department of History, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 614 Social Science Tower, Minneapolis, MN 55455, email or Brenda Child, Program in American Studies, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 104 Scott Hall, Minneapolis, MN 55455, email

November 19, 1998
The Council for British Archaeology/British Universities Film and Video Council Working Party (CBA/BUFVC) will collectively celebrate its 21st anniversary this year with an award ceremony at the House of Lords, sponsored by Channel 4 Television. Departing from standard procedures on this occasion, overall winners will be selected in each film category from among previous winning films. Productions released from 1996 to the present will be eligible for consideration. For additional information, contact Cathy Grant, 55 Greek St., London W1V5LR England, (+44-171) 734-3687, fax (+44-171) 287-3914, email, web

November 19-22, 1998
The Inter-Congress Meeting of UISPP Commission for Data Management and Mathematical Methods in Archaeology will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, consult our web page, or contact George Cowgill,, or Keith Kintigh,, Department of Anthropology, P.O. Box 872402, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-2402.

January 5-10, 1999
The 1999 Society for Historical Archaeology conference on historical and underwater archaeology will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah. The theme is "Crossroads of the West: 19th-Century Transportation, Mining, and Commercial Development in the Intermountain West" (including emigrant trails, stagecoach routes, the Pony Express, the Transcontinental Railroad, telegraph lines, and highways). For further information, contact Don Southworth, Program Coordinator, or Michael R. Polk, Conference Chair, Sagebrush Consultants, 3670 Quincy Ave., Suite 203, Ogden, UT 84403, (801) 394-0013, fax (801) 394-0032, email

January 7-14, 1999
Second International Conference on The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena ("INSAP II"), will be held in Malta exploring the theme of the exploration of mankind's fascination with the astronomical phenomena that define the sky--the lights in the sky, by day and by night--which have been a strong and often dominant element in human life and culture. Scholars from various disciplines (including archaeology, art, classics, history and prehistory, mythology and folklore, philosophy, the physical sciences, and religion) will meet to discuss the impacts astronomical phenomena have had on mankind. Presentations by attendees will be grouped under four main topics: art, literature, myth and religion, and history and prehistory. The presentations will be published. For information, contact R. E. White, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, (520) 621-6528, email, web

January 10-14, 1999
World Archaeology Congress 4 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme is "Global Archaeology at the Turn of the Millennium." For information, contact Carolyn Ackermann, WAC4 Congress Secretariat, P.O. Box 44503, Claremont, 7735, South Africa, +27 (21) 762-8600, fax +27 (21) 762-8606, email, web

March 12-13, 1999
The National Council for Preservation Education, in partnership with the National Park Service and Goucher College will hold its second national forum, "Multiple Views; Multiple Meanings," at Goucher College, Towson, Maryland. It will focus on the critical issue of historical integrity, in light of the new disciplines, approaches, and methods being integrated. The conference attempts to bring together individuals from a variety of backgrounds to exchange ideas--anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, architectural historians, cultural historians, cultural and historical geographers, folklorists, historians of landscape and landscape architecture, historic preservationists, planners, social historians, and urban historians working in academic institutions, preservation offices, and private practice. For further information, contact Michael A. Tomlan, Project Director, National Council for Preservation Education, 210 W. Sibley Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, (607) 255-7261, fax (607) 255-1971, email

March 24-28, 1999
The 64th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology will be held in Chicago at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. For information, contact LuAnn Wandsnider, Program Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska, 126 Bessey Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0368, (402) 472-8873, email

April 20-25, 1999
The Society for Applied Anthropology will convene the 58th Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona, with the theme "Constructing Common Ground: Human and Environmental Imperatives." Program Chair Willie Baber invites participation and abstracts around this general theme. The meeting will include applied social scientists from various disciplines and backgrounds. Registrants will explore this theme and construct solutions in a variety of domains--agriculture, health care, education, conservation, and economic development. The exchange will occur in structured paper sessions, problem-focused round table discussions, and poster sessions. Abstracts deadline is October 15, 1998. For additional information, contact the Offices of the Society, P.O. Box 24083, Oklahoma City, OK 73124, (405) 843-5113, fax (405) 843-8553, email For pre-registration forms visit our webpage

October 4-8, 1999
XIII Congreso Nacional de Arqueología Argentina will be held at Cabildo Municipal, Córdoba, Argentina. For information, write Casilla de Correo 1082, Correo Central 5000, Córdoba, Argentina, fax (+ 54 51) 68-0689, email, web

November 7-11, 1999
The Departments of Conservation and Archaeological Research at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation announce a multidisciplinary conference designed to bring conservators, archaeologists, and forensic anthropologists together to discuss the unique problems faced when working with human remains. Each discipline approaches this material from a different point; at times the techniques used by one discipline may impede the work of another. The conference will serve as a forum for discussions relating to the need for standardization (does it exist?) and the potential for developing policies and procedures for the removal, documentation, and storage of human remains. Session topics include analytical methods, ethical issues pertaining to the retrieval, conservation, and analysis of human remains, legal issues, questions of display, and a session covering storage and the potential biohazards of the improper handling of human remains. For more information and/or to be placed on the mailing list, contact Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg Institute, P.O. Box 1776, Williamsburg, VA 23187-1776, (800) 603-0948, (757) 220-7182, fax (757) 565-8630, email

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