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News from the Register of Professional Archaeologists

William B. Lees

The summer Board Meeting of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (ROPA) was held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 30 and 31, 1998. Present were William B. Lees (interim president), Vergil E. Noble (interim SHA representative), William D. Lipe (interim SAA representative), and Rochelle A. Marrinan (interim secretary-treasurer).

The Register continues to conduct business as a transitional organization under the inter-organization agreement approved by the memberships of the Society of Professional Archaeologists (SOPA), SAA, and the Society of Historical Archaeology (SHA). The process of legal incorporation as a not-for-profit corporation should be completed by September 1, 1998. The board also is developing a logo with the assistance of a professional design firm. Once this logo has been adopted, Certificates of Registration will be sent to all individuals with registrations in good standing. This will include all SOPA members in good standing and any applicants who have been accepted and paid the required fees. As a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA), you are allowed and encouraged to append "RPA" to your name.

The most important issue considered at the summer Board Meeting was selection of a management firm or institution to assist with the establishment of a permanent business office for the Register. A request for proposals was published in April and 10 proposals were submitted. The board reviewed and ranked these proposals and is continuing the selection process through on-site interviews of firms on the short list. The decision will be announced in the November issue of the Bulletin.

The first election of the Register will occur this fall, staggering the initial terms of some positions. Ballots will be mailed during September to all RPAs. Positions to be elected are:

President-elect (initially one-year term, standard two years), 1999

Secretary-Treasurer (two-year term), 1999-2000

Grievance Coordinator (two-year term), 1999-2000

Standards Board, Position 1 (initially two-year term, standard three years), 1999

Standards Board, Position 2 (initially two-year term, standard threeyears), 1999-2000

Standards Board, Position 3 (three-year term), 1999-2001

Standards Board, 1st Alternate (initially one-year term, standard three years), 1999

Standards Board, 2nd Alternate (initially two-year term, standard three years), 1999-2000

Standards Board, 3rd Alternate (three-year term), 1999-2001

Additionally, in fall 1999, the office of registrar will be elected for a three-year term, a new SAA representative will be appointed for an initial two-year term, to be followed by the standard three-year term, and a new SHA representative will be appointed or elected for a standard three-year term.

Another matter discussed was the Register's relationships with other organizations such as the Society of Archaeological Sciences (SAS). An issue raised by SAS and others is the need to recognize professionals without fieldwork-based training and experience. Board member Lipe is continuing to look into this and related issues through a committee (appointed by Lees at the ROPA board meeting held at the 1998 SAA Annual Meeting).

The board also considered a suggestion that the Register explore ways to register archaeological technicians. The board believed that there may be some new opportunities to look at this issue under The Register, but that full consideration must wait until the organization is fully established and fulfilling its primary mission, as established in the transition document.

Field school registration also was discussed. SOPA began certifying field schools in 1996 and the Register will continue this process. President Lees will appoint a committee to explore the most effective approaches to incorporating this function into the mission of the Register.

The next meeting of the ROPA board will be held at the December meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Washington, D.C.

William Lees is president of ROPA.

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