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Building SAA's Future

Ray Thompson and Patty Jo Watson

The establishment of the Fund-Raising Committee in Seattle marks a new beginning for SAA. Overseeing society fund-raising activities, this advisory committee to the Board of Directors will work hard to help ensure the society's future. The committee will advise the board on all aspects of external fund raising, with special emphasis on private and corporate giving, and will plan and help implement SAA fund-raising campaigns approved by the board.

As we move into the new millennium, we need to assure SAA's prominent role in the future of archaeology. To help reach this goal, the committee has focused on three objectives: the Endowment Fund, the Public Education Initiatives Fund, and the Native American Scholarship Fund. Most SAA members may recall these funds, because SAA has been asking for voluntary contributions through the dues renewal process for the past few years. Once again, we invite all members to participate in SAA's fall Annual Giving Campaign to strengthen the following funds and SAA as a whole:

In the past, the Annual Giving Program has been a successful one, and the Fund-Raising Committee encourages all members to consider a contribution.

The inaugural meeting of the Fund-Raising Committee was held in March 1998. Since that time, work has been underway on case statements for each of the funds, the Annual Giving Campaign, SAA's eligibility for participation in the combined federal campaign, and the newest initiative, the Planned Giving Program.

The Planned Giving Program will focus on building the existing three funds. Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, and other types of deferred gifts by which our supporters may enjoy the benefits of assets that they reserve for future transfer to SAA. The committee, which is assisted by two fund-raising professionals who were also trained as archaeologists, has developed a brochure, "Gifts That Keep Giving," for distribution to interested members. Please watch the Bulletin for more details about the Planned Giving Program or contact Tobi Brimsek, SAA's executive director, for further details at (202) 789-8200, fax (202) 789-0284, email

SAA's Fund-Raising Committee is composed of the following members: Ray Thompson (cochair), Patty Jo Watson (cochair), Mark Lynott (vice-chair), Margaret Nelson (vice-chair), Margaret Conkey, Richard Daugherty, Ed Friedman, Jerald Milanich, Kurt Moore, Jeremy Sabloff, Daniel Thiel, David Thomas, Fred Wendorf, Stephen Williams, and Tobi Brimsek (ex-officio).

Ray Thompson, cochair of SAA's Fund-Raising Committee, is at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

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