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Editor's Corner

By now you've had a chance to decompress from the annual meeting. I hope your meeting experiences were as fulfilling as mine. Seattle left me with no venue-derived hangover (unlike the late and unlamented Nashville), and from my perspective, it seemed a great success. I have heard, however, rumblings on various listservers that others may have different opinions about the meetings. If so, I encourage you to write directly to SAA headquarters and voice your concerns. Or better yet, write a letter to the editor of SAA Bulletin if you really want people to know just how you feel!

For those of you who didn't attend, in this issue you'll get a reasonable review of some of the traditional, official activities such as the Business Meeting and a summary of Board of Directors deliberations.

As a result of the positive Register of Professional Archaeologists (ROPA) vote, we will begin a ROPA-related column with this issue. The officers and Board of Directors of SAA strongly encourage all active members to join ROPA, and application forms are available on SAAweb and by regular mail from the ROPA registrar, John Hart.

I am also pleased to announce yet another new column--this one on ethics and the practice of archaeology. Those of you who attended the workshop at the annual meeting sponsored by the Ethics Committee got a sense of the direction of this column--the presentation of "ethical scenarios" and the ways in which such dilemmas are resolved. This column will make its debut in September.

Although it's only (only?) May, I wish all of you headed for the field good fortune and successful research. We'll see you in September (unless we lose you to a summer love)!

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