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In Brief...

Tobi Brimsek

On ROPA--SAA reaffirms its enthusiasm, support, and commitment to the development of ROPA (Register of Professional Archaeologists). Since members of the Society of Professional Archeologists (SOPA), Society for Historical Archaeology, and SAA have voted in support of ROPA, planning has gotten under way to launch this new organization. The SAA Executive Office looks forward to collaborating during the transition from SOPA to ROPA.

SAA will be providing our members with information and promotional materials. In fact, SAA rolled out its promotion with the ROPA booth in the Exhibit Hall in Seattle. More information is included in this issue of the Bulletin in the article by Bill Lipe and Vin Steponaitis (pg. 1). Stay tuned for more on ROPA.

On Meetings--This issue of the Bulletin may reach you before we set out for Seattle--looking to be the largest meeting ever. The SAA Exhibit Hall participation is most assuredly the largest we have ever put together. Should you have missed the opportunity to join us in Seattle, we hope to see you in Chicago in 1999! We expect to have an exciting program in the Windy City as well. The Call for Submissions for Chicago debuts at the SAA booth in Seattle and will be mailed to all SAA members and others in early April. When you get the Chicago Call for Submissions, please note that we are introducing submissions via SAAweb in addition to the email box we had this past year. We urge you to consider using one of these two electronic means. Submitting the abstracts electronically saves both time and money. Even more importantly, your electronic information increases our accuracy significantly. Please read the information in the Call for Submissions on what can be submitted electronically and how to speed your submission for the 1999 meeting.

Are You Connected?--Our campaign to have email connectivity with all of our members is on the go! We are increasingly able to communicate electronically with more of our members. Have you shared your email address with SAA? If not, email us at or Please, GET CONNECTED!

Communicating with SAA--If you are trying to reach SAA electronically and know a staff person's name, all staff emails are structured similarly: You may also want to reach one of our general mail boxes:;;;;; and We enjoy hearing from you.

Tobi Brimsek is executive director of the Society for American Archaeology.

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