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From the President--

Dear Colleague:

As I'm sure you know, members are the lifeblood of our organization. Everything SAA does depends on its members: our publications, annual meetings, government affairs program, and public education efforts would simply not exist if it weren't for volunteers who serve on committees, submit and review articles, participate in meetings, lobby their government, and so forth. In addition, virtually all of SAA's operations are financed by the dues that we, as members, pay each year.

Thus, the more members we have, the more effective our programs become. And a larger membership creates economies of scale that allow dues to remain lower than they might otherwise become.

Currently, more than 6,100 individuals belong to SAA. Yet there are still thousands of practicing archaeologists in the U. S., Canada, and Latin America who do not belong. Recruiting these potential members will be a focus of SAA's efforts in the coming year. And, as with so many other SAA initiatives, this one cannot succeed without your help.

I ask each of you to help by trying to recruit at least one new member for 1998. If everyone participates in this "Member Get A Member" campaign, our organization will become larger and more effective than ever.

If you would like membership brochures for distribution, please contact SAA's Membership Department by telephone (202) 789-8200, fax (202) 789-0284, or email Staff will be happy to assist you in whatever way they can.

I hope that each of you will join me this year in trying to make our society larger and stronger. Thank you for being part of SAA and for making possible all the good things that SAA does!


Vin Steponaitis

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