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The Native American Scholarships Committee Silent Auction in Seattle

Joe Watkins

The Native American Scholarships Committee will hold a Silent Auction at the SAA annual meeting in Seattle to raise funds for Native American scholarships, and we need help in three important areas: (1) volunteers to help staff the booth during the hours the display is open; (2) donations of items for the auction; (3) members to bid on all of this "good stuff" in order to contribute to a worthy cause!

Some have already donated items for the auction: Gary White Deer, whose painting graced the cover of Native Americans and Archaeologists: Stepping Stones to Common Ground, has agreed to produce a new painting especially for the auction; OCR Carbon Dating, has donated a radiocarbon dating analysis; members of the committee have also contributed several items.

The Silent Auction will be conducted during the meeting at the Native American Scholarships Committee booth in the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, where you will be able to look over the items offered. Bids will be accepted from Thursday, March 26, and continue until 12:00 noon Saturday, March 28. At that time, all bids will be considered final and the winning bidders' names will be posted. You will be able to pay for and pick up your purchases from 12:00 until 3:00 pm that same day. Cash, checks, and credit cards (though discouraged) will be accepted and processed through the SAA booth.

Your participation will be fun and easy, but, most important of all, it will contribute to SAA's efforts to increase Native American involvement in archaeology.

To contribute to the Native American Scholarships Fund or to volunteer for or donate items to the Silent Auction, please contact the Native American Scholarships Committee, Society for American Archaeology, 900 Second St., N.E., #12, Washington D.C. 20002, (202) 789-9200, or email You may also email Joe Watkins at or Tristine Lee Smart at

Joe Watkins is with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Norman, Oklahoma.

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