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In Brief...

Tobi Brimsek

SAA's 1998 Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, will possibly be the biggest ever, with the number of submissions far exceeding that of our 1996 record-breaking New Orleans meeting. By this time, you should have received a "sneak preview" brochure providing you with housing information for the meeting, the required housing form, and discount travel information. Housing and travel information, along with the housing form, has been included in this issue of the SAA Bulletin. The deadline for submitting housing forms to the Housing Bureau is February 25, 1998.

Tours, Tours, Tours--We have some fabulous tours planned for the Seattle meeting (please see the article in this issue from the Local Advisory Committee cochair, Julie Stein). Just a reminder--when you get your preliminary programs, please sign up for the tours as soon as possible. If we do not have the minimum number signed up through preregistration, we cannot offer the tours! Don't miss out on these wonderful opportunities!

New SAAgear--The SAA umbrella premiers in Seattle. Don't leave Seattle without one! The umbrella and a few other surprises will be displayed at the SAA booth in the exhibit hall. Looking for SAAgear now? Check out SAAweb to see what is available or call the membership department at (202) 789-8200 for a product list and order form.

December 26, 1997--This is our target mailing date for the Seattle preliminary program. Watch your mail box during the first few weeks in January for this power-packed program. The meeting dates are a bit earlier than usual--March 25-29, 1998. Mark your calendars!

Getting Connected--In the September SAA Bulletin, we formally introduced SAA's "Get Connected" campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage our members to report their email addresses to increase our capability to communicate with members via email. While we started the campaign with about 43 percent of our members' email addresses, we have already added another 850 addresses to bring our connectivity up to 56 percent of the membership! Please keep that email address information coming to

For SAA Members: Online Directory Now Available--A member directory is now available in a members-only section of the SAAweb. For complete instructions on how to access and use the online directory, see the article in this issue. This version of the directory will bring you regularly updated information. Please visit the web and try it out! We would like to have your feedback on the new directory, so please email the executive director ( with your comments.

Tobi Brimsek is executive director of the Society for American Archaeology.

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