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A Word From Our New Associate Editor

John W. Hoopes

I first became interested in the use of computer networks while in graduate school at Harvard in the early 1980s. A project in Costa Rica on which I worked with Payson Sheets (University of Colorado) was one of the first to take a portable computer into the field--a suitcase-sized Compaq with a screen the size of my hand. While working on my dissertation, I participated on local "bulletin board services." Through my involvement with FidoNet (an early network of personal computers), I began to realize the potential of the medium for professional communication. I've been part of the online cybercommunity for over a decade now, using laptops and desktops to stay connected with my department and colleagues during several years' research in Central America. I'm a regular participant on ARCH-L and AZTLAN, two listserver discussion groups for archaeology. I'm also webmaster for a growing suite of web sites that make course materials, scholarly articles, bibliographies, and other useful information available to the world.

The purpose of the new column will be to keep readers abreast of new and existing Internet resources for archaeology. The first column will focus on how our colleagues in Latin America are using "La Red," with descriptions of discussion groups and web sites. Future articles will discuss the growing role of listservers for sustaining scholarly dialogue, the potential of the Internet for archaeological publishing, the use of the Internet for teaching, thematic reviews of web sites and online resources, and evaluations of archaeological resources on CD-ROMs. Individuals with suggestions or contributions for the column are encouraged to contact me at the Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045, (785) 864-4103, fax (785) 864-5224, email, web