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COSWA Corner

Katherine A. Spielmann

Women as Professionals Roundtable Luncheon. Sixty-seven participants and 12 table hosts came together to discuss career issues over lunch at the SAA annual meeting in Nashville. Topics included career tracks in cultural resource management, government, and academic jobs, as well as issues surrounding grants, fieldwork, and publication. The event was organized by COSWA member Hilary Chester. SAA provided room space and handled reservations as part of the annual meeting. COSWA members Barbara Roth and Hilary Chester will organize another series of roundtables at the 1998 SAA meeting. Suggestions for topics of interest to junior women in the profession are welcome.

One suggestion that we have acted on is to reduce the cost of the event. At the Seattle meeting, the roundtables will feature a continental breakfast instead of lunch.

Interest Group. COSWA is in the process of organizing a Women and Archaeology Interest Group, which will function as a formal network of SAA members who are interested in a broad range of issues of concern to women archaeologists. The initial objectives of the Women and Archaeology Interest Group are to (1) improve contacts among women archaeologists and (2) provide a forum for the discussion of and action on issues of interest to COSWA, women in archaeology, and archaeologists interested in gender issues. Further information will be available in this column once the procedure for forming an SAA interest group has been completed this fall.

COSWA Call for Members. COSWA members are appointed for three-year terms beginning in the spring at the SAA annual meeting. COSWA meets annually at the meeting, with a less formal meeting in the fall at the AAA meetings. During the year, committee members are active on subcommittees that focus on the collection and dissemination of information on the status of women in various aspects of the archaeological profession. Current subcommittees include Applied Archaeology, which is collecting data on the relative statuses of women and men in contract and government archaeology positions; Academic Hiring, which is collecting information on the relative success of men and women in acquiring jobs in North American academic institutions; the SAA Census, which is analyzing the SAA census database with regard to gender issues; and the Roundtable organizers, who recruit table cohosts and assist with preparations for the roundtable discussions at the SAA annual meeting.

There are 10 committee members including one student member; three members (including the student member) are rotating off the committee this coming spring (1998). If you are interested in becoming a COSWA member, please write to Katherine Spielmann, Department of Anthropology, Box 872402, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287-2402, email In your letter or message, please discuss the interests that you have in COSWA.

Current COSWA Members: Hilary Chester (student member, SMU), Elizabeth Chilton (Harvard), Cathy Costin (Northridge), Margie Green (ACS), Johna Hutira (Northland), Barbara Roth (Oregon State), Kate Spielmann (chair, Arizona State), Johnna Thackston (Air Force), Pam Willoughby (Alberta), and Rita Wright (NYU).

Katherine A. Spielmann is at Arizona State University and chairs the SAA Committee on the Status of Women in Archaeology.

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