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Editor's Corner

By now, most of us have been thoroughly inundated by Internet news and views. While at times I have been tempted to unplug myself from the hype, I know that this would be futile since I have come to depend on various electronic services almost as much as I rely on my computer itself. Archaeology has witnessed, like most other scholarly fields, the continuous appearance of new web sites, listservers, online journals and databases, and other digital resources. It is increasingly difficult to keep pace with these developments and to determine what is worth viewing and what is safe, maybe even desirable, to ignore. I'm pleased to announce that I have appointed a new associate editor--John W. Hoopes--to help the SAA membership deal with this digital flood. John, who teaches at the University of Kansas and works in Latin America, will begin his new column, tentatively entitled "Networks," in the January 1998 issue. Among other topics, he will review digital resources on archaeology and related fields and will provide an expert opinion on their strengths and weaknesses. You can contact John via email at I look forward to this new feature, and I hope you will find it of value.