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From the President...

Dear Colleagues:

The purpose of this letter is to ask for your help.

In October we will be mailing SAA membership renewal invoices for 1998. As you know, all SAA memberships are annual (except life and honorary) and expire on December 31. Some members renew immediately while many wait for a variety of reasons until the second or third notice. I suspect that many of us put aside the renewal notice with the intention of handling it soon, only to find that several months pass before we get around to returning it. In the meantime, SAA has to keep mailing reminders...

Most members don't realize how much money we spend each year simply reminding people to pay their dues. Processing and mailing a dues notice costs about $1.60. Given that SAA now has more than 6,000 members, and that each nonrenewed member can receive up to five notices, the cost of mailing multiple reminders quickly adds up to a significant sum. If all members were to renew after receiving the first notice, the savings to SAA could be as much as $15,000 per year!

We'd much rather be investing your dues dollars in programs and new initiatives than in administrative costs.

Members are currently sent several notices as well as a reminder postcard. For the first time this year, we added an email reminder to those individuals who had not yet renewed for 1997. Because we could only send these reminders to individuals for whom SAA had email addresses, the society has started a new "Get Connected" campaign (please see the related article in this issue of the Bulletin). We would like to know the email addresses of all SAA members who are "on line." This will make all our communications--including renewal reminders--easier and much less expensive to send.

In sum, here's what you can do to help SAA reduce the costs of the renewal process:

(1) Please renew your membership as soon as possible after receiving the first notice, which is always sent in October.

(2) If you can't renew immediately, don't discard your renewal notice. Save it and return it to SAA when you do renew. This will reduce the need to send out duplicate invoices. By returning the scannable renewal form to SAA, you enable us to process your dues payment more economically and efficiently.

(3) Get connected! If you have an email address, please share it with SAA headquarters. You can either send it by email to, fax it to (202) 789-0284, or call the Membership Department at (202) 789-8200.

By following these steps, you can help SAA to better serve the cause of archaeology. The less we spend on needless mailings, the more dollars are left for programs that really matter.

Thanks for your help and your continuing commitment to SAA!

Vin Steponaitis

P.S. As mentioned above, all annual memberships expire on December 31. If your membership is not renewed within 60 days of that date, the delivery of your journal and newsletter subscriptions will be interrupted. If your subscriptions are interrupted, we will mail you the issues you missed at the end of the quarter in which your membership is renewed.

P.P.S. We're pleased to have you as an SAA member, and would like to remind you that your membership card is located in the bottom right of your renewal invoice. Please detach the card for your files, because it contains your membership identification number. As we develop the "members-only" portion of SAAweb, you will need this number as part of the secure access process. Having your member number handy will make communicating with SAA headquarters even easier.

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