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Seattle Meeting: The Early Bird...

Jonathan Driver

Be prepared for a very early annual meeting next year. The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology will be held in Seattle, Washington, from March 25-29, 1998. The earlier date for the meeting forces us to set earlier deadlines for submission of abstracts and of proposals for various types of sessions. Although detailed information is given in the Call for Submissions, mailed to each SAA member in April, I would like to draw your attention to the deadlines and to some important changes that may affect your participation at the meetings.

The deadline for submission of materials is Wednesday, September 3, 1997. Submissions must be made on the relevant SAA forms and must include registration fees. A one-week grace period allows you to delay your submission to the very last minute (September 10), but, remember, this will cost you a late fee. Anyone wishing to organize a symposium, workshop, forum, or working group should contact potential participants very soon.

It's been a while since SAA met in the Northwest, and we anticipate a large number of participants. Past experience shows that almost everyone leaves submission of materials to the last minute, and this creates a considerable workload for the SAA office and program staff. To help reduce the load, to cut costs, and to speed up the review process for abstracts, we are asking that, if possible, participants also email their abstracts directly to the program chair. This involves a little extra work, because the abstract must also be sent as hard copy in the registration package that goes to the SAA office. However, emailed abstracts don't have to be scanned (thus saving time and money), and can be transferred directly to a database (saving time). This will allow more rapid assembly of packages of abstracts to be sent out electronically to various members of the program committee for review. Details of what to send and where to send it are in the Call for Submissions. Please use the program committee's email address ( for submission of abstracts, and don't forget to tick the box on Form B to let the SAA office know that your hard copy abstract won't have to be scanned.

Another important change this year is the standardization in length of all oral presentations to 15 minutes (a decision made by the SAA Executive Board). This will allow more people to make presentations, but it may also encourage more people to consider posters. Although these require a significant investment of time, they are very effective in attracting interested colleagues. If your paper involves lots of graphics or quantitative data, you may wish to consider this option.

Finally, participants should note that the audio taping of presentations for the Nashville meeting was canceled, because only about half of the registrants authorized SAA to make tape recordings. For various reasons many people are unable to attend SAA meetings, or are interested in conflicting sessions, and the tapes provide a chance to hear what was said. Please note that a session can only be taped if all speakers in the session agree to the taping, so it is important to check the appropriate box on the registration form.

I'm looking forward to seeing your abstract--perhaps before September 3rd?

Jonathan Driver is program chair of the 63rd Annual Meeting. He is at Simon Fraser University.

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