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Public Education Committee

Teresa L. Hoffman and Jon Czaplicki

Native American Educators Are Focus of Pilot Workshop

To achieve the multiple goals of its strategic plan, the SAA Public Education Committee (PEC) reaches out to diverse audiences through its various subcommittees. Among those is the Subcommittee on Native American Education, which conceived and developed the workshop "Archaeology for Native American Educators: Building Curriculum, Building Bridges." This workshop initiative, designed specifically for Native American educators, is a direct outgrowth of SAA's commitment to public education. A five-day pilot workshop is scheduled for August 4-8, 1997, at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kans., designed to provide Native American educators with materials and strategies for developing various curricula based on the scientific methods and findings of archaeology. Curricula developed by workshop participants will be used to teach science, math, writing, fine art, and other skills to Native American children in grades K-12. Besides showing how archaeology can be used to help teach multiple subjects, the workshop will give educators the opportunity to evaluate the usefulness of existing archaeology education materials and adapt them for their own instructional needs.

The PEC envisions the pilot workshop as the first of an annual series of workshops. The goal is to hold two or more workshops each at accessible geographic locations in the United States, in states or regions with large Native American populations, and, if requested, on specific reservations. The workshop is limited to 30 participants; travel stipends of $150 will be available to all registered participants. Applications are due by June 1, 1997. For more information, call Jon Czaplicki (602) 395-5693, Rebecca Hawkins (513) 861-3313, Margo Price (919) 962-6574, or Anne Rogers (704) 227-7268.

PEC Anticipates Leadership Change in 1998

In further developments, PEC Chair Ed Friedman announced last fall that he will be stepping down in 1998, following a long and successful term as the leader for one of the most active SAA committees. Earlier this year, in keeping with SAA policy on committee leadership, the names of potential replacements for Friedman were forwarded to the SAA Executive Board. Three capable individuals with an interest in serving were identified by the PEC ad hoc nominating subcommittee and recommended to the SAA board: Shereen Lerner, Carol Ellick, and Robert Brunswig. Lerner was selected by the board and became the chair-designee beginning with the 1997 meetings in Nashville.

For more information on SAA PEC activities, contact Edward Friedman, Bureau of Reclamation, P. O. Box 25007, D-5300, Denver, CO 80225, (303) 236-1061, ext. 239, email

Teresa L. Hoffman is with Archaeological Consulting Services, Tempe, Ariz., and Jon Czaplicki is with the Bureau of Reclamation.

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