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Editor's Corner

Having survived the rigors of BioDome II (a.k.a. Opryland), with its Knossos-like corridors and stale air reminiscent of King Tut's tomb when first cracked, I find myself looking forward to the damp splendors of Seattle, the site of our next annual meeting, which will be held in less than a year's time. Please take the time to read Jon Driver's piece on next year's program, and don't forget that because of the early date, the entire timeline for the meeting has been moved forward. Since papers will be shortened next year to 15 minutes, give a poster some consideration.

ROPA matters take on added importance since you will be asked to vote on the proposal this coming fall. To help you make your decision, we're publishing a series of interviews, views, and the proposal itself. Ethics are serious business, so take your responsibilities seriously.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, we've reproduced as best we can the pomp and circumstance of the business meeting with special attention to the awardees and their accomplishments. Maybe next year we'll try to give you the business meeting in QuickTime video and Real Audio in one of our electronic versions!

For those hoping to read the conclusion of the SAA census article, please bear with us patiently and look for it in the September issue instead.

Finally, I'm pleased to report that I will be continuing as editor of SAA Bulletin through May 2001. I have still more plans for improving the Bulletin, and frankly, the notion of being on board at the true change of the millenium is very exciting. If I could find a monolith or an australopithecine, my editorial tenure would be complete. For the moment, I'll settle for having successfully convinced Emily McClung de Tapia of INAH to become our associate editor for Mexico and Central America. Welcome, Emily!

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