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Current Research is Returning...
On the Web

Teresita Majewski

The Society for American Archaeology Executive Board has approved moving Current Research (CR) to SAA's web site. The editor of American Antiquity suspended publication of CR in 1994, pending discussion on its disposition. Just before the New Orleans annual meeting in 1996, samples of how CR would appear on the internet were placed on SAA's web site. Plans now call for making it fully available on the SAAweb by the end of July of this year.

While there have been delays in moving Current Research to its new "home," the new electronic version offers several benefits. An on-line version can be published more frequently than the print version; it is relatively inexpensive to publish; and contributors can potentially include photographs and illustrations. Perhaps the most important reason for mounting CR on the web is that timely archaeological information will now be available to a much wider readership than was ever possible in the journal.

Putting Current Research on the web is a multiphase project. We must first publish all material that has accumulated since publication of CR was suspended. And we must begin to collect new information immediately and to publish this new information as soon as possible after July. All of the previous assistant editors have been asked to stay on, and while I have not heard from everyone, many have agreed to continue to represent their respective regions. Some are concerned that the new format could increase demands on their time.

Initially, web material will be updated four times per year. I will continue to act as CR coordinator. Assistant editors (who may be renamed assistant coordinators) should submit information from the regions to me by the end of the second month of each quarter (i.e., at the end of February, May, August, and November). Contributors should prepare and submit their information to the assistant editor for their region well in advance of that deadline. Some assistant editors have already compiled email mailing lists for sending reminders and deadline information to potential contributors.

Information about Current Research will continue to be published in American Antiquity. Up-to-date information on assistant editors, addresses, and deadlines will also be posted on the relevant web page at

The success of CR in its new format depends on all of us. The SAA staff and leadership, together with many members, are enthusiastic and supportive of its return. For many who have been doing archaeology long before the widespread use of personal computers, the transformation of the written word into the electronic has been a somewhat threatening and daunting experience. But the benefits of the new Current Research promise to far outweigh the perceived disadvantages. I urge each of you to contribute to it.

Unresolved issues, including how to archive material once web information is updated, remain, of course, and will be discussed along the way. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we move into this electronic phase.

My thanks to Jonathan M. Lizee, who spent time early on developing an on-line version of CR (with Ralph Johnson's encouragement), SAA Executive Director Tobi A. Brimsek, the SAA Executive Board, the assistant editors who have agreed to stay on, and those who have continued to contribute materials in spite of the delays.

Current Research Coordinator Teresita Majewski is director of the Historic Division and a principal investigator at Statistical Research. She can be reached at P.O. Box 31865, Tucson, AZ 85751, (520) 721-4309, fax (520) 298-7044, email

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