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Donald Forsyth Craib

105th Congress Convenes. With the swearing in of the 105th Congress, Capitol Hill promises to be a much more civil place than it was two years ago. The tentative legislative agenda for this session of the 105th Congress is slim and dispersed, held precariously together by remnants of failed proposals from the 104th Congress.

SAA's Legislative Agenda in 1997. Several issues will dominate the attention of SAA's government affairs office during the first session of the 105th Congress: (1) proposed amendments to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act; (2) FY 1998 funding for federal archaeological programs and the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF); (3) reauthorization of the HPF; (4) reauthorization of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA); (5) amendments to the Antiquities Act; and (6) oversight of the National Historic Preservation Act. For information on any of these issues, please visit the government affairs page at SAA's web site,

Congressman Phil English (R-Pa.) to participate at SAA Annual Meeting! Congressman Phil English will attend SAA's 1997 Annual Meeting in Nashville and participate in the Government Affairs Committee­sponsored forum, "Washington Politics and Archaeology," Friday morning, April 4. The forum is an opportunity for the membership to learn what happened in the 104th Congress and what's on the horizon for the 105th as it affects archaeology and historic preservation. A panel consisting of SAA President Bill Lipe, President-elect Vin Steponaitis, Executive Board member Donna Seifert, Government Affairs Committee Chair Judy Bense, Government Affairs Manager Donald Craib, Preservation Action President Nellie Longsworth, as well as Rep. English, will provide brief summaries of current information, forecasts, and strategies for the 105th Congress. I encourage everyone to attend and participate in this unique event and to meet Rep. English during his three-day stay at the annual meeting.

Get Ready for the 105th! As the 104th Congress proved, the effectiveness of SAA's government affairs program requires member participation! If you would like to join in this effort, contact me at SAA headquarters, 900 Second St., N.E., #12, Washington, DC 20002-3557, (202) 789-8200, fax (202) 789-0284, email

Donald Forsyth Craib is manager of government affairs and counsel of SAA.

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