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CRM to be Highlighted at the 1997 Annual Meeting

Cultural resources management (CRM) contributions, accomplishments, and issues will be highlighted at the upcoming SAA Annual Meeting in Nashville, April 2-6, 1997. A statement about the meeting theme, "Celebrating National Commitments to Archaeology" was presented in the May issue of the SAA Bulletin [14(3):5], and detailed announcements about the theme and the meeting in general have been posted on a number of electronic lists, including ACRA-L, the Public History list, Federal Preservation Forum, and the NCSHPO list. On behalf of the program committee, I would urge and encourage CRM practitioners to attend and participate in the meeting though papers, workshops, forums, or other venues. Some of the most important work in American archaeology and history today is occurring through CRM, and the SAA meetings are a good venue to let the world know what we have been accomplishing.

In 1997 the National Historic Preservation Act will have been in place for 30 years, and during that time CRM, very broadly defined, has revolutionized archaeology in the United States and shaped national programs far beyond our borders. It is appropriate that we as a profession celebrate as well as evaluate what has been accomplished and what we have learned. Toward this end, the plenary session Friday evening will focus on CRM, emphasizing the triumphs of various national archaeological programs. Furthermore, the opening session Wednesday evening will cover relationships between archaeologists and Native Americans as a result of the momentous changes that have occurred regarding national commitments to historic preservation over the past three decades.

In a closely related matter, the Archaeology and Ethnology Program of the National Park Service will devote an issue of Common Ground (formerly Federal Archeology) to the meeting theme, and we hope to release an issue about a month before the meeting (circulation ca. 10,000 copies). Dave Andrews (the editor of Common Ground) and I envision the issue focusing on the triumphs of national programs, with major emphasis on accomplishments in various parts of the United States. Interested participants should contact Andrews or me as soon as possible to discuss ideas or paper topics; we will need manuscripts in hand by late fall if we are to mail an issue out by early March. Contact me at (904) 580-3011 ext. 344, email

David G. Anderson of the National Park Service Southeast Archeological Center is chairman of the 62nd Annual Meeting.

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