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COSWA Corner

Katherine A. Spielmann

COSWA Symposium on Women and Publishing in Archaeology. COSWA sponsored its first SAA symposium this past spring. The symposium was co-organized and co-chaired by Paula Bienenfeld and Katherine Spielmann. Papers were given by Spielmann and Bienenfeld (Introductory Remarks), Kathryn Ward and Linda Grant (Gender Equity in Academic Publishing), Michael Graves and Mary Gunn (Publishing in American Antiquity by Women: Recent Trends, Continuing Concerns), Christine Szuter (Gender, Decisions, and Book Publishing), Barbara Stark, Brenda Shears, and Katherine Spielmann (Gender Composition on Editorial Boards in Archaeology), and Linda Cordell (Accidental Publishing Can Work, But Not Well). Dena Dincauze and Lynne Goldstein provided insightful and helpful discussion at the end. The formal session was followed by a period of open discussion during which audience members raised questions, particularly those focused on publication strategies, for the symposium participants.

COSWA members are considering making the submission of symposia an annual part of our activities. If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed in this kind of forum, please forward them to Katherine Spielmann at the address listed in the last portion of this column.

Women as Professionals Roundtable Luncheon. Ninety participants and 12 table hosts came together to discuss career issues over lunch at the SAA annual meeting in New Orleans. Topics included government and academic jobs, museums, publication, public education, and gender issues in the work place. The event was co-organized and co-chaired by COSWA members Elizabeth Chilton and Hillary Chester. The SAA provided room space and handled reservations as part of the annual meeting. The co-organizers received positive feedback on the roundtables from both hosts and participants. COSWA members Elizabeth Chilton and Johnna Thackston will organize another series of roundtables at the 1997 SAA meetings.

Women's Network Reception. During the SAA meetings in New Orleans, women gathered in an informal reception to share information about women and their careers in archaeology. The format of the reception was altered this year to encourage the networking that was the original purpose of this event. Former COSWA member Brenda Shears organized a series of discussion facilitators knowledgeable in various areas such as CRM, field projects, museums, publishing, and the SAA Board. These women were distributed around the room, making introductions, encouraging conversation, and helping create a very successful reception.

Regional Meetings. COSWA will underwrite up to $50 of the expenses of hosting a reception or luncheon for women at a regional meeting. Our budget only allows us to do this once for each regional organization. The intent of these receptions is to encourage networking between women students and professional women since many students cannot afford to attend the SAA meetings where COSWA sponsors other networking events. If you would like to organize a women's reception or luncheon at a regional meeting you attend, please get in touch with Katherine Spielmann at the address listed below, or call (602) 965-6213.

COSWA Call for Members. COSWA members are appointed for three-year terms beginning in the spring at the SAA meetings. COSWA meets annually at the SAA meetings, with a less formal meeting in the fall at the AAA meetings. During the year committee members are active on subcommittees that focus on the collection and dissemination of information on the status of women in various aspects of the archaeological profession. Current subcommittees include applied archaeology, hiring, and the SAA census.

There are 10 committee members including one student member; four members are rotating off the committee this coming spring (1997). If you are interested in becoming a COSWA, member please write to: Katherine Spielmann, Department of Anthropology, Box 872402, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287-2402, email In your letter or message please discuss the interests that you have in COSWA. We recognize that far more than 10 women are interested in COSWA-related activities, and we would like to involve as many women as we can in the activities of the subcommittees within COSWA.

Katherine A. Spielmann is at Arizona State University and chairs the SAA Committee on the Status of Women in Archaeology.

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