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COSWA Corner

Katherine A. Spielmann

Regional Women's Receptions. Over the past two years COSWA has encouraged and provided seed money for women's networking receptions at a number of regional conferences. This activity is in response to the recognition that a large number of anthropology departments have no female archaeologists on their faculties. As a consequence, many undergraduate and graduate women have limited opportunity to meet and talk with professional women archaeologists. The regional networking receptions are designed to provide that opportunity, particularly since many students are not able to attend the national archaeology meetings.

Leslie Eisenberg organized a women's reception at the SEAC meetings, which was held on November 9 in Knoxville, Tenn. A total of 75 women were in attendance.

A luncheon for women will be held at the Southwest Symposium on Friday, February 9, in Tempe. A panel of speakers focusing on women and publishing in archaeology will be featured at the lunch. Contact Kate Spielmann for further information.

Barbara Roth is helping to organize a roundtable luncheon for the Northwest Archaeology meetings in Moscow, Idaho, this March.

Women as Professionals Roundtable Luncheon. COSWA will again be sponsoring a series of roundtables concerning career themes at the SAA Annual Meeting in April. The primary goal of the luncheon is to provide a forum for bringing senior women archaeologists into contact with graduate students and recent Ph.Ds. It is intended to provide women just entering the profession with an opportunity to discuss ideas and concerns with these archaeologists and to expand professional networks. Elizabeth Chilton and Hillary Chester are the organizers. Twelve tables have been arranged. Please see the SAA Preliminary Program, to be mailed in late January, for details.

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