Society for American Archaeology 13(3)

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June/July/August 1995 13(3)

"...we foresee a series of new developments to ensure different conditions for Peruvian archaeology than have predominated thus far

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...two conditions will be responsible for this: a new generation of archaeologists, Peruvians and foreign, and new social and cultural conditions in the country."


2. Editor's Corner

3. Letters to the Editor

4. Post-Plenary Reflections

5. SOPA/ROPA: Creation of a Register of Professional Archaeologists

6. Working Together--Hopi Oral History, Part II

7. Government Affairs

8. Briefings

9. Exchanges--Peruvian Archaeology

10. Land Use History of North America

11. Insights--Pragmatic Training

12. Court Rulings Find Protection of Historic Resources Not a "Taking"

13. 1996 Meeting in New Orleans

14. Election results for Executive Board and Nominating Committees

15. Ethics Committee Requests Input

16. News and Notes

17. Positions Open

18. Calendar

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