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Alicia Wise

Annual Meeting Activities

A round table luncheon entitled "Setting Your Course for the Current Job Market," organized by Louise Senior and Alicia Wise, is designed to link graduate students and recent Ph.D.s with professionals to discuss topics related to completion of their degrees and job hunting. Topics include interviewing, vita and resume crafting, preparing abstracts and presentations, publishing, grant writing, mentoring, recommendation letters, career options, and dissertating. Facilitators include D. Anderson, C. Crumley, M. Conkey, D. Dincauze, B. Doelle, C. Hastorf, D. Meltzer, N. Parezo, A. Pyburn, M. Schiffer, K. Vitelli, B. Wailes, and J. Yellen. This luncheon will be similar to that sponsored by COSWA, but will not conflict in time. Look for more information in your registration materials.

The Student Affairs Committee will be holding a formal meeting. Check the program for date and time, and please join us!

Want to serve as a liasion member between Student Affairs and other SAA committees? Need crash space in Minneapolis? Please email, write, or call for more information.

Committee News

We've extended our campus representatives network to 30 universities and are now forming liasions with other committees. How about some campus representatives from universities in other countries? Any students from Latin America or other parts of North America out there?

The search for a new chair, SAA Bulletin column editor, secretary, and volunteers of every kind is underway. Give a shout if you're interested in getting involved.

The Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) has created a new student membership category. Join and save $10 off regular membership, while receiving "Southeastern Archaeology" and newsletters, and retaining voting rights.

For more information, please contact: Alicia Wise, Department of Anthropology, CB #3115, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3115, (919) 962-1243, or email.

Alicia Wise is a student in the Anthropology Department of the University of North Carolina.

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