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Bruce D. Smith

There are a wide variety of ways you can become more involved in the government affairs program of the Society for American Archaeology. One of the most important is to participate in the SAA Government Affairs Network (GAN). By participating in GAN, you become an advocate for archaeology and cultural resource preservation by communicating directly with your elected representatives in Washington, D.C.

The new majority in the 104th Congress is considering a broad range of new issues and priorities that represent direct challenges to American archaeology. Funding for archaeological programs is at risk. Regulatory changes and agency reorganization may well result in major shifts in how archaeology is carried out in this country. Given these impending changes and challenges, it is essential that all of us become more involved in communicating our concerns and influencing Congress in a proactive manner. Please fill out the Government Affairs Network survey form, and help to shape the future of our profession.

Bruce D. Smith is president of SAA.

You're Invited to Join the Government Affairs Network

SAA's Government Affairs Network (GAN) is a new vehicle through which you can actively participate in the government affairs program. Initially, we wish to identify SAA members in the United States who are willing to communicate with their congressional representatives when crucial issues that affect archaeology are being considered in the House or Senate. In the future it may be possible for GAN to take on a broader range of issues and concerns, including international ones.

By submitting this form, you become part of GAN -- thereby increasing SAA's ability to advocate archaeological research and education, as well as the conservation and management of archaeological resources. May we count on you? Please fax or mail this form to Donald Forsyth Craib, SAA, 900 2nd Street N.E. #12, Washington D.C. 20002-3557, fax (202) 789-0284.

Print this form, fill it out, and mail it in!!

___Yes, I want to be part of the Government Affairs Network






Zip Code




___I know who my members of Congress are and how to contact them.

___I do not know who my members of Congress are and would like information about how to contact them.

___I am willing to contact the following members of Congress:

Please indicate how you know this person:

As a Personal Friend: ___
As an Active Supporter: ___
As a Campaign Contributor:___

Contact Name and Title:

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