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In Brief . . .

Tobi Brimsek

Changes are coming . . . Watch SAAweb for a host of changes gradually being implemented over the next few months. Behind the scenes, SAAweb is moving onto an NT server platform (on which the SAA members-only side currently resides). This is an important move as it will enable the Society to implement a search engine that will be useable on both the public and members-only sides of the Web. The front page of the Web will be modified to have a button on which members can click to easily move to the members-only side of SAAweb. In addition, the text on the front page will be abbreviated into headline formats so that the site map will be evident from the front page. These changes are only a few in a series of changes to help make SAAweb a more navigable Website. Check the site for the latest news releases, announcements, programs, etc. It is an active and vital communications tool.

Electronic Web payments are coming . . . In addition to the design and information changes to SAA web, we will be implementing credit card payment applications via SAAweb. SAA will be phasing in the various applications. The first implementation will be meeting-relatedthis will be an enabler in the submissions process for the 2001 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Following will be additional applications such as book purchases, SAAgear purchases, new member applications, and so on. So, watch SAAweb evolve not only as a more powerful communications tool but as a commerce vehicle as well.

Questions or comments about SAAweb? Contact SAA's manager, information services, Lana Leon ( Lana serves as the Society's webmaster.

New program staff position . . . At its Board meeting in November 1999, the SAA Board of Directors approved a new half-time staff position, manager, education and outreach. The position was filled this January after a posting on SAAweb throughout November and interviews in December. We welcomed Gail William Brown to SAA as its first manager, education and outreach, on January 12, 2000. Gail's work schedule is 20 hours a weekWednesdays and Thursdays, 10 hours each day. Those days are action packed, considering the objectives of this position:

Of course, Gail serves as the liaison to the Public Education Committee and will be in Philadelphia this April to meet the PEC and work with the committee members face-to-face. If you would like to reach Gail at the SAA office, her email is I hope that you will join the staff in welcoming Gail to SAA.

Thank You! . . . The success of SAA's Annual Giving Campaign continues to grow. While you are renewing your dues for 2000, many of you are responding to the president's request that you consider a contribution to SAA's Endowment Fund, the Public Education Initiatives Fund, and the Native American Scholarship Fund. Thank you for helping to make SAA a stronger, more vital organization that can build programs that count. In addition to our Annual Giving Campaign, SAA also has launched a Planned Giving Program. If you are interested in more information about planned giving, please contact SAA's executive director, Tobi A. Brimsek (, at the Society office. ·

Tobi Brimsek is executive director of the Society for American Archaeology.
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James H. Word


James Havens "Jim" Word, considered by many as the leading avocational archaeologist in Texas, died on Tuesday, October 19, 1999. Word was instrumental in the passage of the Texas Antiquities Law, which protects archaeological and historical sites on public land. Eileen Johnson, curator of anthropology at Texas Tech and director of Lubbock Lake Landmark states, "Jim was tireless in his work for this law and it will stand as a living legacy to him." He also was a charter member of the Floyd County Historical Museum where he served as president and treasurer. He was a member of the Midland Archaeological Society, Panhandle Archaeological Society, Society for American Archaeology, South Plains Archaeological Society, and Texas Archaeological Society (president in the mid-1960s). He is survived by his wife, Margarette Word, of Floydada; three daughters, Ann Carr, Mary Garrett, and Elizabeth Atkinson; two stepsons, Gregory Bond and Gordon Bond; a sister, Mary Ellen Petty; seven grand-children; four step-grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. ·

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