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 Table of Contents

 Archaeology for Educators
Archaeology—it captures our imagination, encourages our curiosity, and stimulates our sense of wonder. It is a great teaching tool that excites and motivates students, and it’s fun!

Classroom teachers can incorporate archaeology into courses ranging from Art to Zoology, or teach it as a unit within science or social studies classes. Scout leaders, museum educators and park interpreters can use archaeology in outdoor education, summer camps and other public programs.

This unit provides educators with background information on archaeology as well as hands-on and interactive activities to introduce the fascinating field of archaeology to students of all ages.

Why Teach With Archaeology?

Discover how archaeology excites and motivates students. A social studies educator shares his experiences teaching with archaeology in the Baltimore County Public Schools.


This unit could not have been produced without helpful input from colleagues dedicated to archaeology outreach. We would like to thank Stephanie Varholak, who was a student intern in the Smithsonian’s Anthropology Outreach Office when this project got underway, for her insights and contribution to the initial drafts. To our colleagues in Project Archaeology who generously gave permission to include some of the materials from Intrigue of the Past and to the SAA’s Public Education Committee who provided encouragement and suggestions. To George Brauer, we are highly indebted for his guidance in structuring this unit and in his generosity in sharing some of his excellent educational materials that we, in turn, can share with teachers who like George want to give their students a challenging, stimulating, and learned experience in the field of archaeology.