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2/28/15 Comics and Academia

2/27/15 ISIS destruction of artifacts linked to group's end-of-times beliefs, KU expert says

2/27/15 ISIS Crisis: Archaeologist Pedro Azara, UNESCO, AAMD & AIA on the Mosul Museum Attack UPDATED

2/27/15 ISIS Destroys Antiquities in Mosul, Iraq

2/26/15 Bettison seeks re-election

2/26/15 American Archaeologists Issue Statement on Cultural Destruction in Iraq

2/26/15 Joint Statement on Cultural Destruction in Iraq

2/15/15 Resiliency and Climate Change

1/30/15 Anthropology Department Field School Featured in Trade Magazine!

1/26/15 Museum Practices and Co-Creation

1/16/15 Research in the Public Interest

1/15/15 Archaeological magazine features Crow Canyon 

1/14/15 St. Louis Archaeological Group In Antiquities Sale Controversy Defies National Organization

1/13/15 The battle for Kennewick Man

12/31/14 A Year in Review for the the Virtual Curation Laboratory: 2014 Edition

12/23/14 INTERVIEW WITH Claire Smith

12/22/14 Resilience and Reliability - keys to tomorrow

12/17/14 Publishing Technology expands client base in 2014

12/15/14 Antiquities looting and the human rights of subsistence diggers

12/14/14  Identity and Heritage

12/11/14 Un ciclo de conferencias sobre investigaciones arqueológicas promovido por el CSIC comienza este jueves en Pontevedra

12/10/14 Planned Arizona copper mine would put a hole in Apache archaeology

12/2/14 USF professor analyzes largest western Mediterranean sample of obsidian artifacts ever.

11/15/14 SAA: "Treating Artefacts as Commodities Endangers Sites"

11/13/14 Noi artefacte mayașe descoperite în Guatemala

11/12/14 Joint AAA/ASHA 2014 Conference: conference programme and concurrent sessions

11/11/14 New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago

11/10/14 MHQ Contributors, Winter 2015

10/17/14 George Frison is emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of Wyoming

10/14/14 Archaeological society to discuss public project Oct. 16

10/13/14 National Publication Cites UW Anthropology Program for Attracting College Majors

10/12/14 Archaeologist reflects on career

10/08/14 Ancient Life in the High Tetons

10/08/14 SOU professor Mark Tveskov joins state adisory committee; Jon Yamashita promoted at Otak Inc.: Oregon Business Movers

10/3/14 Paleoanthropology Society Annual Meeting 2015

9/30/14 Kingwood archeologist likes intellectual challenge

9/27/14 Treasure Hunting - Selected Texts

9/23/14 Publishing Technology launches new interface and enhanced features for ingentaconnect

9/18/14 Kuhnel Selected To Head Up National Grasslands Visitor Center

9/17/14 Anthropologist to Discuss First Americans, Frison to Sign Books

9/16/14 About K. Kris Hirst, Our Archaeology Expert

9/14/14 New Deal Archaeology

9/14/14 New Deal Archaeology in the West

9/14/14 30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology, Day 14

9/14/14 Scientists Ponder NAGPRA Lawsuit

9/11/14 SAA 2015: A Session Honoring Ruth Tringham

9/10/4 Estudiante UDLAP realiza estudios en Zona Arqueológica de Atzompa

9/7/14 Archaeologists urge Congress, President to protect the greater Cedar Mesa area

9/6/14 Hannah Wormington (September 5, 1914 – May 31, 1994)

9/2/14 The Ancient World in JSTOR

8/26/14 The Kennewick Man Finally Freed to Share His Secrets

8/25/14 Arqueólogo Luis Alberto Borrero fue reconocido por Sociedad Chilena de Arqueología y Dirección de Investigación y Publicaciones

8/15/14 Série livros sobre Amazônia - Sacred Geographies of Ancient Amazonia: Historical Ecology of Social

8/14/14 Archaeological Psychoacoustics and Auralizations: Theoretical Concerns; Practical Examples

8/14/14 Blogging Archaeology: Round-up and the Book

8/13/14 'What Happens in the Field'

8/7/14 Pitfalls and potentials in dating the onset of the Anthropocene

8/6/14 Así Que Quiere Ser Arqueólogo? Lee Estos Consejos…!

8/2/14 Feed Aggregators for Ancient Studies

8/1/14 Scotland Fights to Keep History from Vanishing beneath the Waves

8/1/14 "Consuming Landscapes" symposium in San Francisco, California, April 15-19, 2015

7/21/14 UP BEAR CREEK | Have You Read Your Piketty Yet?

7/19/14 Oxidizable carbon ratio dating

7/18/14 Our National Heritage at Risk

7/18/14 Sexual Harassment and Assault Prove Common During Scientific Field Studies

7/17/14 New theories on Chimney Rock explored at Aztec Ruins Friday

7/17/14 Sex assaults, harassment reported in science fieldwork

7/13/14 Nativos del Noroeste eran pescadores, no cazadores-recolectores 9

7/11/14 Day of Archaeology in Hualcayán, Peru

07/07/14 Archaeological Co-creation, PIARA, and Hualcayán

6/30/14 Iron and Eagles: Silchester Uncovered

6/25/14 Emily Kate presents research at national archaeology meeting

6/22/14 El Impacto de la Etnografía en los Negocios Internacionales

6/20/14 How Many Archaeologists are in the US?: More than a couple, less than there should be.

6/18/14 A Year of Book Fairs and Shows

6/16/14 Preview: Archaeology and Heritage of the Human Movement into Space

6/14/14 The Middle Stone Age of Southeastern Tanzania: Preliminary Survey Results

6/13/14 The Intellect of Detector Users and its Implications for "Partnership"

6/13/14 Daniel G. Roberts, 66, archaeologist

6/12/14 Report: Landmarks at risk from climate change

6/12/14 Ancient cities unearthed satellite images of the Cold War

6/11/14 Ancient Mayan Altars, Sculpted Artwork Discovered in Guatemala  

6/09/14 CPAC Public Session on Egyptian MOU

6/09/14 Call for Papers: SAA 2015 Recent Advances in the Settlement Archaeology of Southwest China and
Southeast Asia

6/07/14 Radiocarbon Dating Lab Beta Analytic Exhibits at SAA 2014 Annual Meeting

6/05/14 On Tour

6/04/14 One Man's Treasure


 SAA News Archives Minimize
  • The SAA Open Call for Committee Service is now open until December 6th. Click Here for more information
  • Join SAA members supporting National Archaeology Day, October 20, 2012!
  • September 21, 2012: President designates Chimney Rock National Monument
  • July 2012: Reality TV:  National Geographic Responds
    - Letter from SAA President Fred Limp to Membership
    - Minutes of NGS Conference
  • July 17, 2012: SAA sent letter regarding destruction of cultural sites in Mali
  • May 23, 2012: SAA sent letter urging Canadian government to reconsider cuts to archaeology program
  • May 4, 2012: transcript of NGS conference on avocational metal detecting and archaeology
  • February 27, 2012: SAA sent letter to the National Geographic Society opposing the "Diggers" show
  • February 24, 2012: SAA  sent letters to Spike TV, MTV, Viacom, and Gerny Productions opposing the "American Digger" show
  • January 18, 2012: Dr. Joan Gero testifies on behalf of SAA in support of renewal of bilateral agreement with Peru
  • January 17, 2012: SAA submits comments for USACE regulatory review
  • January 11, 2012: SAA opposes renewed effort to undermine Alabama submerged cultural resources law
  • November 16, 2011: Dr. Patricia McAnany testifies on behalf of SAA in support of bilateral agreement with Belize
  • SAA's 2012 Open Call for Committee volunteers is now available here
  • SAA responds to Florida Governor Scott's remarks on education in anthropology
  • Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) introduced legislation (H.R. 2621) on July 21 to establish the Chimney Rock National Monument in Colorado.  A Senate version (S. 508) was introduced on March 11.
  • On July 21, SAA sent a letter congratulating all of the firefighters who worked so hard to protect cultural resources during the recent wildfires in the Southwest.
  • SAA sent a letter on July 7, 2011, to the Board of Regents of the New York State Education Department regarding the proposed layoffs at the New York State Museum.
  • On July 5, 2011, the Department of the Interior announced that it was making a change to the NAGPRA regulations, bringing their definition of 'Indian Tribe' into agreement with that of other statutes.
  • On June 29, 2011, SAA filed comments with the Department of Interior for the retrospective review of NAGPRA's implementing regulations.
  • On June 27, 2011, SAA sent a letter to Governor Herbert of Utah expressing concern about the recent firings at the state's Antiquities Office.
  • On June 23, 2011, SAA submitted responses to the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation's request for public input as part of its retrospective review of the regulations implementing Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
  • On May 31, 2011, SAA submitted comments on the NPS proposed information collection request.
  • On May 16, 2011, SAA submitted comments regarding the U.S. Forest Service's proposed land management planning rule.
  • Effective April 28, 2011, the Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, appointed Dr. Alex W. Barker and Ms. LindaLee Kuuleilani Farm to four year terms on the seven-member NAGPRA Review Committee.  Dr. Barker is Director of the Museum of Art and Archaeology, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Missouri.  Ms. Farm is a partner in the Hawaii-based law firm of Goodsill Anderson Quinn and Stifer, LLP.  She has worked on NAGPRA-related litigation issues since 2003.  The two appointees on the Committee were nominated by national museum and scientific organizations.  SAA was one of the groups that nominated Dr. Barker.
  • On March 22,2011 SAA and other archaeological and cultural resource protection groups urge international authorities to provide greater protection for threatened Egyptian artifacts.
  • On February 4, 2011, an international coalition of archaeological organizations released a statement concerning the situation in Egypt and its impact on that nation's cultural heritage.  The statement calls upon all parties in Egypt to protect their irreplaceable historic resources, and for international authorities to be alert for possible smuggling of looted Egyptian antiquities.
  • On July 30, 2010, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3534, the CLEAR Act, which reforms the federal government's oil and gas regulatory, leasing, and royalty programs.  The bill also contains a provision guaranteeing full funding ($150 million per year) for the Historic Preservation Fund.
  • On July 29, 2010, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved H.R. 5282, the Army Corps of Engineers Veterans Curation authorization bill, which will provide a total of $35 million over the next five years for the program in which disabled veterans help preserve, catalogue, and curate the Corps of Engineer's archaeological collections.
  • On July 29, 2010, SAA and other preservation groups co-signed a letter to the House of Representatives urging support for a measure that would guarantee full funding for the Historic Preservation Fund.
  • On July 28, 2010, SAA sent a letter to the House Transportation Committee in support of legislation (H.R. 5282) to reuthorize the Army Corps of Engineers Veterans Curation Program.
  • On June 10, 2010, SAA submitted testimony to the House Natural Resources Committee in support of legislation (H.R. 5110) to expand the Casa Grande National Monument.
  • On May 13, 2010, SAA filed comments with the Department of Interior regarding its final rule for the disposition of culturally unidentifiable human remains under NAGPRA.
  • On March 19, 2010, SAA submitted testimony to the House Appropriations Committee regarding funding for the NAGPRA Grants Program in FY2011.
  • On March 15, 2010, the Department of Interior published its final rule for the disposition of culturally unidentifiable human remains under NAGPRA.  There will be a 60 day period in which to submit comments on the regulation, which goes into effect May 14, 2010.  You can read the rule here.
  • The SAA office is closed on February 05, 2010  at 11AM due to inclement weather.
  • On January 13, 2010, the leaders of SAA and other archaeological and cultural resource organizations signed a letter opposing the scheduled auction of human remains by Christie's Americas, and urged the auction house to not proceed with the sale.
  • 2010 Native American Scholarships Opportunity

  • Dr. Fabio Amador, on behalf of SAA, testified before the State Department's Cultural Properties Advisory Committee on November 12 in favor of the government of El Salvador's proposed renewal of its bilateral agreement with the United States for the protection of El Salvador's archaeological and ethnographic resources from looting.  The current agreement expires in 2010.  You can read Dr. Amador's testimony here.

  • SAA recently joined the Coalition for Full and Permanent Funding for the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF).  The Coalition is comprised of national, statewide and local organizations, agencies, and businesses, who support securing full permanent funding for the HPF.  Visit the Coalition website to learn more about the HPF, what it does for archaeology and other preservation disciplines, and how to contact your Senators and Representative.


  • R.E. Taylor Student Poster Award Competition at SAA 2010

As a result of a collaborative effort with the Society for American Archaeology, SAS will acknowledge an outstanding student poster for its innovative contribution in the use of scientific technologies to archaeological research by granting the R. E. Taylor Award, consisting of 100 US dollars and a one-year subscription to the SAS Bulletin. Financial support for the Taylor Award derives from the membership royalties of those who have joined us in our quest of making of archaeological sciences relevant to the study of humankind by using the tools of tomorrow


Memphis Meeting News Coverage: Archaeologogists Dig Up Dog Tale, by Andrew Lollar

Sacramento Meeting: Science Magazine "Meeting Briefs"

Sacramento Meeting local coverage from the Sacramento Bee: "Indians, Dogs, were Companions in Life and Death Centuries Ago," by Matt Weiser

Sacramento Meeting local coverage from the Sacramento Bee: "Findings Offer New View of Early Indian's Life Along Sacramento River," by Matt Weiser

New Online Manuscript Submission System Goes Live (PDF)

Committee on Curriculum outline for a Masters in Applied Archaeology

Search for Editor: American Antiquity (PDF)

Expert panel seeks public input on federal preservation portfolio

Committee on Curriculum outline for a Masters in Applied Archaeology (PDF) 
May, 2008

SAA comments on proposed rule for CUHR under NAGPRA - COVER LETTER (PDF)
January 14, 2008

SAA comments on proposed rule for CUHR under NAGPRA (PDF)
January 14, 2008

John Wesley Powell Prize for Historic Preservation

SAA Comments on Preserve America Summit Reports (PDF)
January 15, 2007

SAA launches Archaeology for the Public web pages (PDF)
July 18, 2006

Forensic Archaeology Recovery (FAR) Roster (PDF)
January 17, 2006

Tulane Hurricane Katrina survivor check in and contact information resource
September 7, 2005

LSU Baton Rouge offering assistance to Faculty and Students affected by Hurricane Katrina.
September 6, 2005

Kenneth M. Ames Begins Tenure as President of the Society for American Archaeology (PDF).
May 12, 2005

MNM Office of Archaeological Studies receives the SAA 2005 Excellence in Public Education Award (PDF).
April 26, 2005

New members elected to the SAA Board of Directors (PDF).
April 26, 2005

Update on World Trade Center Recovery Efforts.
October 11, 2001

Harris Poll finds public support for archaeology.
March 11, 2000

SAA President hails designation of Agua Fria National Monument.
January 11, 2000