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Statement of Purpose

Teaching is the lifeblood of any discipline, including archaeology. Not only does it ensure the next generation of experts in the field, but it also helps to gaurantee the presence of informed and concerned citizens. As such, the Teaching Archaeology Interest Group (TAIG) focuses on teaching archaeology in Higher Education, whether in a traditional classroom, laboratory or field setting.


TAIG will serve three main objectives. First, the group will allow members to share resources, advice, and ideas related to teaching archaeology in higher education. Second, TAIG members will foster discussions focused on pedagogical theory, method, praxis, and ethics as well as the ways in which pedagogy intersects with mentoring, research and engaged scholarship. Finally, TAIG seeks to promote inclusion of the Principles of Archaeological Ethics in archaeology courses and will encourage members to share strategies to fulfill this goal. The Teaching Archaeology Interest Group will not compete with the SAA’s Curriculum Committee or Public Education Committee. Rather, this is conceived of as a complimentary group focused specifically on the unique opportunities and challenges of teaching archaeology in higher education settings, including colleges, universities, and community colleges.


1. TAIG will organize and promote at least one event at the SAA Annual Meeting to allow members to meet, network, exchange teaching resources and foster
2. The group will develop and maintain a web-based resource sharing system(content will be provided by TAIG ready to post on the SAA website on TAIG’s page). This will allow TAIG members to share syllabi, course materials, suggestions for media materials, and other resources useful for teaching archaeology courses in higher education.
3. The group will submit an annual report of activities to the SAA Executive Committee.
4. The group will maintain a minimum roster of 25 members.

Newsletter Archives

About Time

The Newsletter of the SAA's Teaching Archaeology Interest Group

Volume 2 Issue 1 | February 2018

Volume 1 Issue 1 | March 2017


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