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 Click on image for larger view.  All photos used with permission (respectively: Chris R. Loendorf, Lenville J. Stelle, Jerod L. Roberts).


Welcome to the SAA’s Rock Art Interest Group

The primary purpose of the Rock Art Interest Group is to support the development of rock art research within the SAA by:

  1. Encouraging quality publications and field and analytical studies;
  2. Fostering intellectual exchanges between professional researchers, students, site managers, and conservators;
  3. Triggering the interest of students and other professionals in rock art research and management.

Our second goal is to stimulate discourse among all those, both avocational and professional, with an interest in rock art. We are all, in a fundamental sense, students of this most engaging form of material culture. Sharing affords opportunities for learning.

Lastly, we understand that most archaeologically documented rock art sites were or are places of religious significance. We respect the need for conversation regarding how best to ensure the proper interpretation and preservation of these sites.

SAA members interested in joining or learning more about RAIG are welcome to our yearly meeting held in conjunction with the SAA annual meeting. Check the program for time and place.


For those not professionally engaged in rock art studies and perhaps visiting a rock art site for the first time, the National Park Service outlines a common etiquette for visiting rock art sites. Learn how to respect and protect these fragile places..

National Park Service “Rock Art Etiquette”

(Just click on the link)