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Rock Art Interest Group


RAIG Organizational Matters

The members of the Rock Art Interest Group prefer a casual, informal structure. Organizational considerations are limited to the following:

1. The RAIG will convene an annual meeting in conjunction with the SAA’s yearly conference.

2. The business meeting will be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

3. Those in attendance have the authority to enact policy for the Rock Art Interest Group by virtue of majority decision.

4. A Chair and Chair-elect will be selected at each annual meeting. Candidates will be solicited by a call for nominations from the floor. Candidates will be asked to leave the room so as to facilitate a more open discussion of the nominations. Following the discussion, a general election by enrolled members of the interest group present at the gathering will be called. The Recording Secretary will be charged with responsibility for the ballots and balloting. Through this process a Chair and Chair-elect will be designated at each annual meeting.

5. Two other positions will be filled on the basis of a call for volunteers. These two positions are those of Recording Secretary and Web Manager.

6. RAIG will sponsor at least one symposium of appropriate theme for each annual conference.

7. The Chair will be responsible for the annual Interest group report to the SAA Board as well as email communications to the membership.

     Current Officers

Chair: Mavis Greer, PhD, RPA <>
Chair-Elect and Web Manager: Victoria Roberts <>
Recording Secretary: Sonia Gottesman