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Statement of Purpose

The Queer Archaeology Interest Group will function as a formal network of SAA members who are interested in a broad range of professional research and scholarly issues concerning sexuality and LGBTQI archaeologists and allies interested in supporting their LGBTQI colleagues. It is specifically designed to bring together a group of interested individuals to discuss research on sexualities, practical concerns of members who are part of the LGBTQI and ally community, including issues of gender presentation/identity and collegial/work relationships, and address pedagogical concerns of LGBTQI students.


1. Facilitate involvement and understanding of LGBTQI archaeologists in the Society for American Archaeology, including research, stewardship, public and professional education, and the dissemination of knowledge about the past through publication, meetings, and public programming.

2. Develop a support network for LGBTQI archaeologists and improve communication between LGBTQI archaeologists and their allies. This includes strengthening connections between junior and senior scholars, members who are familiar with navigating the specific challenges of being LGBTQI archaeologists with those who are not, and discussing how to support LGBTQI students, colleagues, and coworkers as an ally.

3. Provide a forum for the discussion of and action on issues of interest to LGBTQI members, allies, and archaeologists interested in studies of sexuality. These issues include, but are not limited to:

a. successful entry into and completion of graduate programs

b. successful procurement of grants and awards

c. issues concerning academic hiring, tenure, and promotion

d. issues concerning commercial, government, and non-profit hiring and promotion

e. work space concerns of LGBTQI discrimination or harassment

f. creating a safe, supportive space for students, colleagues, and coworkers

g. navigating practical concerns experienced when conducting research and/or excavation, education, and outreach in professional and academic settings

h. support for teaching of sexuality studies and LGBTQI issues in stand-alone classes, as well as better integration of sexuality studies and queer perspectives into introductory courses

4. Promote improvement of quality-of-work and quality-of-life issues of particular importance to LGBTQI professionals, scholars, and graduate students.


1. The Queer Archaeology Interest Group will hold annual gatherings at the SAA Annual Meeting.

2. The group will submit an annual report of activities to the SAA Executive Committee.

3. The group will establish a means of networking through electronic communications that will be used to share activities and other opportunities.

4. The group will maintain a minimum roster of 25 SAA members.

5. The group may sponsor symposia, forums, workshops, or special events at the SAA Annual Meeting.

Queer Archaeology Interest Group 2

6. The group may propose positions and/or policy statements for consideration through the SAA website.

7. The group may propose to the Publication Committee special publications of interest to the members.

Elections and Rotations

A system of rotating chairs will be implemented. A Chair will be elected on a biennial basis from nominations proposed and seconded by the group. If need arises, other officers will be similarly elected.


The group does not intend to assess fees for participation.


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