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Island and Coastal Archaeology

Statement of Purpose

The subject of island and coastal environments is being increasingly recognized as one of the most important areas of research in studies of world prehistory and archaeology. The continued interest shown by a variety of researchers worldwide – archaeologists, anthropologists, biologists, geographers, and environmental scientists – is indicative of the need for a venue to discuss issues of island colonization, the role that marine resources played in human history, the impacts people had on coastal and/or pristine environments, historical ecology, and the development of seafaring technology, to name a few.

The Island & Coastal Archaeology interest group is aimed at archaeologists and other scientists with interests in the techniques, methodologies, and theories used to investigate island and coastal regions. The interest group provides an international forum for archaeologists from different scientific backgrounds who share a common interest in studying islands, archipelagoes, and coastal regions across time and space. The goal of the interest group is to advance the field of island and coastal archaeology and facilitate the professional development and growth of scholars interested in questions related to the role that these environments played in human history.


  1. Serve as a mechanism for highlighting the importance that island and coastal environments have for understanding human cultural and biological development through time;
  2. Provide a sounding board and a means to facilitate discussion among members who wish to pursue (or are currently pursuing) archaeological research in these environments;
  3. Facilitate the development of collaborations among a diverse group of scholars across the social and natural sciences.


  1. Regularly sponsor a symposium at the annual SAA meeting;
  2. Periodically sponsor the publication of papers from the symposium in the Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology;
  3. Periodically sponsor a field trip at the annual SAA meeting, if location is amenable;
  4. Communicate with members of the interest group through an annual (or biannual) newsletter;
  5. Provide students with information on undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on various aspects of island and coastal archaeology.

 The Current Issue

Spring/Summer 2018

Winter 2017

Winter 2016

Spring/ Summer 2016








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