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Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Geoarchaeology Interest Group is to advance the science of geoarchaeology, ensure continued professional development of members within the group, and assist in educating future geoarchaeologists.


  1. Regularly sponsor a symposium at the annual SAA meeting.
  2. Periodically sponsor a field trip at the annual SAA meeting. The trip will be organized by a committee.
  3. Periodically sponsor or organize a short course on some aspect of geoarchaeology at the annual SAA meeting. Such courses greatly enhance professional development. They revitalize research objectives, retrain professionals who may not have remained current with all aspects of the field, and provide training opportunities for students.
  4. Support or co-sponsor the publication of papers from its annual symposium in a collected format.
  5. Provide students with information on
    1. undergraduate and graduate programs in geoarchaeology, and
    2. funding opportunities for thesis and dissertation research.
  6. Although many universitites offer both archaeology and geology courses, few offer a coordinated, combined program. Yet most do have all the essentials for a geoarchaeology program, if simply the cross-links were emphasized. The geoarchaeology interest group will help students determine exactly what graduate and undergraduate courses are available in various universities that lead to some training in geoarchaeology.
  7. Establish ties with other archaeological and geological organizations, such as the American Quartenary Association and the Archaeological Geology Division of the Geological Society of America. We will explore the possibility of developing symposia, theme sessions, and/or short courses to be held to increased membership and activity within the Geoarchaeology Interest Group and the SAA.

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