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RAIG Educational Gateway

One of the goals of the Rock Art Interest Group is to support those that are in the process of enhancing their professional qualifications. To that end, we are here including links to institutions and agencies that offer accredited learning opportunities. We would operationalize “accredited” to mean acceptable to the Register of Professional Archaeologists. If you do not find a link to your institution or agency, then please pass the information to our Web Manager. We are particularly interested in supporting course offerings, field schools, and degree specializations.



                          School educational programs foster an experience of discovery in which there is no segregation between research and the communication of results, between teaching and learning. Through interactive education that bridges the arts and sciences, the SHUMLA School offers the best possible opportunity to include students, artists, teachers, researchers, and the general public in the process of piecing together an understanding of past and contemporary culture.



    Links of Scholarly Interest Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database is a compilation in progress which was begun in March, 1993. Currently the database contains over 14,400 citations to the world's rock art literature, with an emphasis on English language and North American citations. Over 6100 of these citations are held in the compiler's personal library. These and many others were reviewed for annotation. With the "r11" release, the database became available on CDRom disk, and also on the Internet, as a project of the Bay Area Rock Art Research Association Archive, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley Rock Art Net

A world wide hyper textual encyclopedia showing Rock Art sites, texts, pictures, to diffuse knowledge in Rupestrian Archaeology, to make a world-wide comparison between engraved rocks and recording methods.