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 Academic Programs in Archaeology Minimize

Deciding where to study archaeology is a personal matter. Many factors should be taken into account, such as departmental specialties and offerings, program size, costs, and related course offerings within a university or college. Your particular interests and career objectives should also be part of your decision.

A good place to launch your research is your local college or university, which may offer courses in archaeology. In most academic institutions, the archaeology program is either a department of its own or a part of the anthropology department. This site contains a listing of academic programs throughout the Western Hemisphere with at least one archaeologist on the faculty.

You may wish to review results of the 1993 survey of Ph.D. programs in archaeology, conducted by SAA Bulletin. The survey explored questions such as what characteristics distinguish the best programs, which programs are ranked highly, and which programs are considered improved.

The most comprehensive list of academic departments within the U.S. is The AAA Guide, published by the American Anthropological Association. The guide describes college, university, and museum anthropology departments, including faculty specialities and ongoing research programs. This guide is not only helpful in choosing a college but also in becoming aware of the range of research topics related to archaeology.

Two brochures are available from SAA. The Path to Becoming an Archaeologist focuses on making archaeology a career and Experience Archaeology explains how individuals can become responsibly involved in archaeology. 

SAA's Student Affairs Committee provides information specific to archaeology students' concerns through articles in The SAA Archaeological Record and maintains a network of campus representatives to disseminate information between the Committee and the representatives' home institution. If you have additional questions, you may want to contact the committee chair or one of the local campus representatives.

The following internet sources have lists of many archaeology/anthropology programs from around the world.

American Anthropological Association
Society for Historical Archaeology
University Programs