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California's Ancient Past: From the Pacific to the Range of Light

By Jeanne Arnold and Michael R. Walsh

California’s Ancient Past is an excellent introduction and overview of the archaeology and ancient peoples of this diverse and dynamic part of North America. Written in a concise and approachable format, the book provides an excellent foundation for students, the general public, and scholars working in other regions around the world. This book will be an important source of information on California’s ancient past for years to come. —Torben C. Rick, Smithsonian Institution

California's Ancient Past is a well written, highly informative, and thought-provoking book; it will make a significant contribution to California archaeology. It is highly readable—the text and materials covered are suitable for both scholars and interested lay people. The book is well organized...with discussions about the culture history and theoretical perspectives of California archaeology and …the latest and most relevant references.— Kent Lightfoot, University of California, Berkeley.

The Contemporary Perspectives series offers short volumes focused on the archaeology of a specific region. Each book is designed to provide busy professional and instructors with a state-of-the-art, efficient summary of current research and interpretations.

188 pages, published 2010
ISBN 978-0-932839-40-4

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