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 Publication Guidelines for The SAA Archaeological Record Minimize

Launched in January 2001, The SAA Archaeological Record is issued five times a year, and is now available in PDF or "dynamic edition" format on the SAA website. It is a four-color magazine encompassing SAA business, commentary, news, regular columns, job listings, opinions, forums, and articles. The magazine is not a peer-reviewed publication and does not currently have an editorial board. Each Editor volunteers to serve a three-year term and is selected by the Board from among the SAA membership. The Managing Editor is a member of the SAA staff. The SAA Archaeological Record replaced The SAA Bulletin, which was published from 1993–2000. The SAA Publications Committee approved these guidelines in April 2012 at the Annual Meeting in Memphis, TN.

Submission Deadlines and Details
The SAA Archaeological Record publishes articles and forums of interest to the organization’s diverse membership and is the SAA’s primary way of proactively reaching all of its members with organizational news and business. Authors wishing to publish in The SAA Archaeological Record should consider the appeal of their topic to the SAA’s professional, avocational, and student membership, and are encouraged to contact the Editor regarding potential articles, forums, and ideas for publication. Submissions and inquiries should be sent to the current Editor. Contact information for the current Editor may be found inside the front page of each issue of the magazine and on the SAA website. Electronic copies of manuscripts are preferred. Manuscripts should be sent as Microsoft Word documents.

Deadlines for time-sensitive materials including Letters to the Editor, Obituaries, and pieces for “News and Notes” and the Calendar are as follows: December 1 (January), February 1 (March), April 1 (May), August 1 (September), and October 1 (November).

News and Notes and Calendar items are published on a space-available basis.

The Editor does not solicit obituaries for publication, but memorials of colleagues are welcomed as submissions to the magazine. Individuals wishing to write a memorial piece should contact the Editor as soon as they are able.

Book reviews are published in SAA journals and are not a feature of The SAA Archaeological Record.

The above deadlines do not apply to authors wishing to publish an article in or organize a forum for the magazine. Generally, articles are published in the order the Editor accepts them; however, the Editor reserves the right to publish accepted materials in a manner that enhances content and accommodates time-sensitive material from the SAA and its members. Most articles are published within a year of their acceptance.

Forums may be proposed at any time and should include an abstract as well as a list of potential contributors. The Editor will evaluate the proposal, and if accepted the forum will be scheduled for publication in a specific issue of the magazine. The Editor will issue a deadline for forum participants. Most forums are published within a year of their acceptance. It is the responsibility of the forum organizer/guest editor to communicate relevant policies and procedures to contributors, to collect the manuscripts from contributors and provide them to the Editor, and to review the manuscripts to be sure authors have followed the guidelines and style guide for the magazine prior to submitting them to the Editor.

Advertising and placement ads should be sent to the manager, Membership and Marketing (advertising@saa.org), SAA headquarters, 1111 14th St. NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005.

Submission Lengths and Style Guide
Items for News and Notes and the Calendar should be between 50–150 words. Longer pieces and pieces with artwork cannot be accepted.

Obituaries should be kept to 650 words including selected bibliographies. A single photograph may accompany memorial pieces.

Article lengths vary, and authors are encouraged to contact the editor to negotiate an appropriate word count for their articles. Most articles are kept to fewer than 2,500 words, although occasionally items up to 4,500 words are accepted for publication. Longer articles generally are subjected to longer wait times for publication.

Because The SAA Archaeological Record is a magazine and not a peer-reviewed journal, authors are strongly encouraged to keep bibliographic citations to a minimum and to focus their content accordingly. If an extended bibliography is required, a selected bibliography may be published in the magazine and an author’s contact information furnished for those wishing to acquire a full list of citations.

The magazine does not publish abstracts, keywords, or summaries with articles, and these items do not need to be submitted.

Authors should otherwise follow the SAA Style Guide available on the SAA website.

Photographs and Images
High-quality color images are encouraged with each submission to The SAA Archaeological Record. The number of images is subject to approval by the Editor, but as a general rule between 3–5 images is considered ideal for the magazine format.

All photographs, images, and other figures submitted must be at least 300 dpi in resolution at 7 inches wide (4 megapixels). Written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder (usually the photographer), and also from each individual depicted in a recognizable fashion in the image. For further questions about copyright permissions, please contact the Managing Editor at publications@saa.org

Single images for the cover are welcome from all SAA members, whether or not they are authors in the magazine. Magazine images must also have at least a 300 dpi resolution when the image is expanded to a 9” x 12” size (2700 x 3600 pixels, or 9 megapixels).