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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 9 Number 3 September 1998


Cantona: Urbe Prehispanica en el Altiplano Central de Mexico
Angel García Cook y Beatriz Leonor Merino Carrión

Mortuary Practices, Social Development, and Ideology in Precolumbian Puerto Rico
L. Antonio Curet and José R. Oliver

The Sanctuary of Titicaca: Where the Sun Returns to Earth
David S.P. Dearborn, Matthew T. Seddon, and Brian S. Bauer

Clay Sources, Pottery Production, and Regional Economy in Chalchihuites, Mexico, A.D. 200-900
Nicola M. Strazicich


Art and Archaeology of Precolumbian Cuba, by Ramón Dacal Moure and Manuel Rivero de la Calle
Perry L. Gnivecki

Daily Life in Maya Civilization, by Robert J. Sharer
John S. Henderson

The Excavations at Corozal, Venezuela: Stratigraphy and Ceramic Seriation, by Anna C. Roosevelt
Warren R. DeBoer

Archaeological Survey in the Juli-Desaguadero Region of Lake Titicaca Basin, Southern Peru, by Charles Stanish et al.
Jeffrey R. Parsons

Arqueología en el Uruguay: 120 años después, by Mario Consens, José Maria Lopez Mazz, and Maria del Carmen Curbelo
Verónica Williams